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Gryff Paw Print: Open for Submissions

Post by Prof. Zenix James » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:59 pm

Hello, people! Welcome to Gryffindor and, for those in other houses, to the Gryffindor Paw Print! We are preparing to launch our very first edition of the Gryffindor Paw Print for the 2017/2018 school year!

In order to do this, we need your help! We are opening submissions to the paper for all houses including, of course, our amazing house of Gryffindor. We need you all to write amazing pieces for the Paw Print to help us kick off this fantastic school year.

What should you write? We are not holding restrictions on articles. Please feel free to write what you love, or care about, or want to write about. For this issue, as we’re going into the October season, we would love some articles on the lovely season of fall and Halloween, or All Hallows Eve as my people have always referred to it as. The main point is that we are now open for articles and you will receive points for all of these articles. Everyone loves points.

Ideas? Well, you’re a creative bunch of students and we honestly want those ideas. Write what you love. Write what you know. Those of use in Gryffindor will love it regardless. You can write about the happenings around HOL, you can write about Quidditch, you can share your recipes and musical play lists. If you’re stumped or having an episode of writers block, send me a message and I will be happy to talk it through with you to find something.

Here's a breakdown of our sections, though, and what can go into them:

The Regular Roar – These are for the actual articles and columns that will go into the newspaper. HOL Happenings, Contests, Challenges, so on and so forth, but not limited to any other articles, like articles on Halloween as I mentioned.

Move Your Paws – Self explanatory. Articles on Quidditch, HOL Quidditch, any other sports related items you may think of.

Riddikulous Rumos – Movie reviews, books reviews, recipes, playlists, horoscopes. Those kinds of things that fall under the gossip and entertainment category.

Minerva’s Musings – Editorials is pretty self explanatory. They're basically opinion pieces.

Scratching Post – For other houses to send in their advertisements for whatever is out there right now. So, yes, we're accepting adverts, too. Please note: points are not awarded for submissions to this section.

Please remember, you can only earn 50 points per issue, so if you’re attempting Pros and Cons, that will account for 30 points of your submissions. Prose and Cons will be up within the next two days.

A breakdown of the points follows as such:

Reminder: Word count minimums are 350 words per article/column. There is no maximum.

20 Points for articles/Columns (10 each) If you feel the burning desire to write more than 2 articles, send me a message and we'll see what we can work out.
20 Points: Graphics (5-10 each)
20 Points: Other: Which are submissions for things in the Paw Print like Ask Snape/Recipes/Playlists/Poems and other creative ideas you may have for submissions. (5-10 each)

We also offer a writing challenge for the paper called Prose and Cons. Prose and Cons is worth an extra 30 points for your submissions. These points do not deduct from the 50 total points you can earn as mentioned above.

But you can only get 50 points for direct paper submissions, so it has to be a mix of the above!

Also, Ask Snape. Most of you will know what this is, but if you don’t, here’s some information.

Have a problem that you want to ask Snape? Simply email him at with the subject Dear Snape and your problem will be answered. * Please note: Do not send real problems, only fake ones. We here at Paw Print are in no way qualified to help with real life problems and are very sarcastic in our responses. Thank you.

Due Date: All submissions must be turned in by 11:59PM HOL on October 23rd.

Please send all submissions to:

Subject: Gryff Paw Print Submission(s)

In the body of your e-mail, please include your HOL Name, HOL ID, and HOL House.

I think that’s everything that is relevant for this. Again, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please feel free to contact me.

Happy writing!
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