Discussion #3 - Intelligence

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Discussion #3 - Intelligence

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:31 am

Dear students,
Here you can post your results of the intelligence test. Remember it is worth 10 points of your Assignnment 3:

Taken from the website:

When you are done, head to our Class Forum (Click to go to the forum) and share your results with the rest of the class. Comment them answering the following questions:

*Which was the type of intelligence that you got?
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why?
* Which are the aspects of YOUR intelligence type you feel the most comfortable with?
* Look at the suggested careers that your type of intelligence has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not?
* Any other thought that you wish to share with us is very welcome!

​IMPORTANT: Please justify your answers and make your post is at least 100 words long if you want to receive your complete 10 points. Thanks!

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Will Lestrange
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Re: Discussion #3 - Intelligence

Postby Will Lestrange » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:51 am

Just as last time, I took the test two times: in character and out of character; however, I ended up with different results each time.

In character, I ended up as Morally Smart (featuring Existential Intelligence) as my primary intelligence. Looking at the lesson, I had associated that type of intelligence more with people like Albus Dumbledore - who tend to coopt others' autonomy for what they view as the 'greater good'. As a Lestrange, I was naturally raised to believe that any association with that particular former Headmaster was to be avoided! Looking at the description, I saw a mix of things that fit me and things that didn't fit me: "mulling over deep moral thoughts" (yes, I do that, but don't see that as anything that defines me), "particularly aware of their own existence" (well, that fits me), and Nietzsche as an idol (what I know of the philosopher suggests that he doesn't believe in objective truth - and I feel that's a bit extreme). But "ruthless deep thinker" makes sense for me ('ruthless' is a proud Lestrange family trait, after all!), as does sensitivity to the significance of things - though I'm not sure I'm really isolated from the world around me! The careers listed sound a bit isolated from my skill set: from what I know of aurologists, it seems they just make up whatever they want and claim they were guided by some sort of 'aura'. That said, the other profession listed: Seer - actually sounds like something I have an aptitude for, especially in light of the Divination OWL I just took (where I received not only an Outstanding, but special mention for writing the Top Parchment in my year on the subject!) I don't think that it's the right profession for me, but I feel that my "Inner Eye" (as the Trelawney family has traditionally referred to it) can help me in other professions! For example, if I wished to be an Unspeakable, having insight into the future would help me analyze the foundations of magic. And if I wished to play Quidditch, being able to foresee the future would help me prepare appropriate techniques for myself and my teammates!

Out of character, I ended up as Number/Reasoning Smart (Logical/Mathematical Intelligence). The descriptions all sound like "things that fit me, but don't really define me": solving complex computations (sounds like what I was trained to do!), likes conducting scientific experiments (experimenting and science are both fun), enjoys thinking about abstract ideas (trained as a professional mathematician, I pretty much have to!), and excellent problem-solving skills (which I definitely also have). Albert Einstein isn't a real fit for me for an idol, though I've heard the comparisons (but then again, I always felt that Slytherin traits defined me more than Ravenclaw traits did!) The Wizarding jobs given: arithmancer, alchemist, and desk job at Gringotts, sound like "things that could be fun but would ultimately leave me unsatisfied" though I think that I could make Gringotts work pretty well (and I could be an Arithmancer if my results actually had some practical application!) As for the Muggle jobs, they fit my out-of-character life better: "mathematician" and "programmer" fit how I was trained, and "scientist" is close... though "detective" seems to rely on other intelligences which may not fit as well.

The biggest surprise to me was that I got different results in-character and out of character (in fact, I was expecting to get Number/Reasoning Smart in character as well!). This can be explained, though, by two things: the descriptions of the two intelligences both seem fairly close (using thought as a means to achieve an end) and, more importantly, the site doesn't give percentage breakdowns so we don't really know how dominant our primary intelligence is... or if another intelligence is almost primary. It is very possible that in character, Number/Reasoning Smart was a very close second to Morally Smart (which would fit with my proclivity for logic puzzles); a mixture of the two types of intelligences does sound like a good fit for me!

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