Book Review: The Rising

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Book Review: The Rising

Post by Anna Snape » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:14 pm

Title of the book: The Rising
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Darkness Rising (#3)
Genres: Phantasy

Good points: I found the last book of this trilogy very enthralling to read. I really enjoyed meeting some new supernatural humans (even witches, who were able to perform a spell which resembles the full body-bind curse, among other things). I mostly enjoyed the introduction of Ash who was, perhaps contrary to his personality, quite fun due to the by times humorous writing style of Armstrong. The Rising also contains some nice and unexpected twists midway and near the end like dr. Inglis turning out to be a traitor and Moreno turning out to be kind of a double agent.

Bad point: The plot of the book (and the series) turned out to be, in my opinion, disappointing. Over the whole course of the last two books Maya and co were almost continually escaping the Cabals, getting caught and escaping again and again. Quite suddenly both parties talk, come to an agreement and they just live happily ever after. To me it felt like the author had realised during the writing that she had almost exceeded the page limit and still had had to write an ending... and so she did. Maya was on the run and came to a sudden halt.
Thank you Tarma!

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