Disney Discussion #1

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Disney Discussion #1

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:13 am

Remember this option is worth 10 POINTS!

Watch the video from the website and answer the following:

Taking into consideration the three rules established by the Genie, please answer:

If you find a magic lamp and free the Genie inside, which would your three wishes be?

There is no right or wrong answer, just please explain the reasons behind your wishes. At least 100 words for full marks. Please post your answer in the correct thread in our Class Forum.

Kaylo Summer
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Postby Kaylo Summer » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:48 am

If I found a magic lamp and freed the genie from inside, my first wish would to go back into the past, at least five years, and change my past so my life wasn't messed up.My second wish would to be rich, as in i would stress about bills. My final wish would be for the Genie , I would do the same thing that Aladdin did for his genie and free mine as well. I would free my genie because if the role was reversed and I was the genie I would hope someone would free me, come one who would want to be stuck in a tiny lamp for the rest of eternity. Those are my three wishes,yes my first two were for my own, but I believe my last one is good for the genie.

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Gail Allen
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Postby Gail Allen » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:09 pm

It might be bordering on breaking the rules a little bit since I am wishing for both myself and my family so it might be seen as more than one wish, but I would want good health for myself and my family. It's just so important and without it almost anything else loses value. So I want to not have to worry about anyone I love being sick or otherwise in poor health.
Secondly I want to have financial security for my family and myself. This may seem quite shallow, but while money isn't everything in life, it is something that, if you have it, can reduce stress significantly. I wouldn't necessarily want to be rich though; I know some people who are and they say that the one thing they don't have is time to really enjoy their fortune because they have so many engagements. I would rather just be secure enough that I do not have to worry about it. Besides, being rich can change. Promise me security and it will always be there.
Finally I too would wish to free the genie. It would be heartless not to in my opinion, and I don't think I would fully be able to enjoy what I gained from my wishes if I had to live with the knowledge that I doomed the one who granted me those things, to a life of what would essentially be slavery. So I would have to set the genie free even if I was going from a purely egoistical viewpoint.

Astaria Rivers
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Postby Astaria Rivers » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:18 pm

If I found a magic lamp with a genie inside, I would have more than three things to wish for! Assuming I can still only have my three wishes, my first wish would probably be for more wishes. Can I do that? If not, then my first wish would be for me to obtain my dream job where I can make a difference in someone's life. My second wish might be that I had a lot of money. I would word it this way, thinking around the amount of millions, and only because I would use some of the money for myself to keep for bills and the rest I would donate to charities or use to travel to parts of the world where I could work directly with the people and build sturdy homes and buy food so no one would go hungry. I don't know if wishing for the end of world hunger is on too large of a scale or not. My third wish would be very similar to the second, except that it would start off by finding me an amazing group of people to work with so we can develop a program to educate people on the impact of mental health so it was better understood around the world and not only by those in the field. Is that narrow enough for a wish but still open enough so I can expand it to what I really want to do?

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Amanda P. X. Sim
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Re: Disney Discussion #1

Postby Amanda P. X. Sim » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:12 pm

My first wish would be to have an unlimited travel pass which is basically a one-card access to flights, accommodation, visas without me having to pay a single cent. The explanation is easy, I love travelling! To me travel is what keeps my eyes wide open and the experiences obtained from it are worth a lifetime. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to travel anywhere anytime, and it takes time to save up to travel overseas, so I hope Genie can help me on this. Secondly I would wish for the ability to heal anyone including myself. If in any case someone that I love is sick, or someone really wants to live on but life is taking him away too soon, I would like to have the power to strengthen that person's body and restore his health. That would also help me and my family with the necessary medical bills, and the pain and suffering that one has to go through when the physical body fails to function. Last of all I wish for the world's wellbeing, which is to take away the pollution on the environment, and give back nature what she once had, such as extinct animals. I hope that this wish will make the world a sanctuary for all animals, whether magical or not, all animals get to live in peace without being disturbed or harmed by humans (apart from consumption purposes).
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