World Book Day 2016

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World Book Day 2016

Post by Maxwell Shadow » Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:23 pm

In case you didn't already know, World Book day is this Thursday (March 3rd). Last year was the first year we dressed up at work (I'm a secondary school teacher) and it was loads of fun so I'm really pleased that they've decided to do it again. Even better, this year the theme is HARRY POTTER! I'm suddenly rather popular as people rush to borrow my many potter costumes! I think I'm going to go in my Quidditch costume, even though I wore it last year as it's my best costume. Either that or Molly Weasley (but without the ginger wig!)

Is anyone else doing anything to celebrate WBD?
Did you even know it existed?
If it's already passed by the time you see this thread, what would you like to do next year to celebrate it?
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