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Postby St.John Aloisius Sloots » Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:14 pm

I hope I am not stepping on anyone's territorial toes here, but things are rather quiet on the HOL Tolkien front, so I thought I would offer a couple of options to those Tolkien starved among us. If I am out of bounds for posting a new topic without permission, feel free to remove it :) .

If reading The Children of Hurin was not enough to quite satisfy the Middle Earth appetite, may I suggest two very well done fan-films that have recently been released? These are "labor of love" propositions so while they might be a bit rough around the edges, they nonetheless have been done with an eye toward high production value and quality.

The first to be released was the 40 minute "The Hunt for Gollum" available for streaming at the film's home site (do a search for "The Hunt for Gollum" on the net or on YouTube). I watched this last night and enjoyed it very much. It had excellent casting and the special effects, and though not as professionally polished as Jackson's offerings with his massive budget, it was pretty good nonetheless. I was so impressed with this film that I watched it twice.

The second fan film, released this past December, was the more ambitious "Born of Hope" which clocks in at an impressive one hour and 11 minutes and is available for streaming at the film's home site (do a search for "Born of Hope" on the net or on YouTube). Though this one does not quite have the "look" of "The Hunt for Gollum" the producer/director Kate Madison concentrated on story and continuity and the results are fantastic, particularly when it is remembered that this is a fan-film with limited budget and resources.

I know some folk have an aversion to fan-films and fan-fiction. I understand this as there is a lot of "fluff" out there one has to wade through to find the semi-professional and ultra talented amateur stuff. These two films are in a class of their own, however, and deserve a look see.

Give the films a try and maybe we can give the HOLTS a shot in the arm with some chatter.
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Estelle Lupa
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Postby Estelle Lupa » Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:46 am

I loved these two fan films! They were really well done! The actors they chose in The Hunt for Gollum did a wonderful job of staying true to the characters in the films and books, but added their own flair to it too. I love it when people do that. :D

I'm glad someone else has seen them! :)

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