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Postby Prof. Ruben Orion » Mon Aug 21, 2006 11:48 am

Welcome all to HOLTS, HOL Tolkien Society!

This is the place to talk about Tolkien's work and the related movies. We recommend you to read the rules before posting. :) For more information, check our page on HOL Wiki.

1. HOLTStaff
The current holtstaff consists of:
Prof. Ruben Orion ( ruben.ferreira@gmail.com )
Ms. Rachel Selenia ( rachel.selenia@gmail.com )
Ms. Ceri McHawk ( ceri_gryff@yahoo.com )

The HOLTStaff official e-mail address is holtstaff@gmail.com . Your questions should be sent to this e-mail address. :)

2. Rules

2.1 Posting
All HOL rules apply to this forum. For more information, please re-read the HOL Forum chapter of the HOL Handbook. (http://hol.org.uk/handbook.php)
There is, however, one additional rule: in this board only Tolkien talk is allowed. That includes everything that has to do with books and movies or any
other thing that has to do with Tolkien.

2.2 Membership
In order to post on the HOLTS forum you don't have to be a holtsom (HOLTS official member).
However, if you wish to participate in all our activities, you should become a member. Being a member will allow you to receive Silmarils for your participation in some holts activities.
To become a holtsom you just need to sign-up for our newsletter, here. Scroll down and you'll see the form. :)

2.3 HOLTS Championship
Once you are a holtsom, you'll be getting silmarils for your participation on our activities. All holtsoms will be ordered in a rank and at the end of
the year, the holtsom with the greatest amount of silmarils will win the HOLTS Championship and HOLTS Lembas Award.
Past winners:
2004/2005: Rachel Sandersen
2005/2006: Niniel Sanders

Each activity will also have its particular rules.

3. HOLTS Website
The HOL Tolkien Society Website is located here. Be sure to take a look!
Webmistress: Miss McHawk.

It is all for now. Have fun in Middle-earth!


The HOLTStaff
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