SQL 2018 SNITCH Schedule

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SQL 2018 SNITCH Schedule

Post by Will Lestrange » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:08 am

We have our schedule for all nine Snitch matches amongst our Seekers! It reads as follows:

Will vs Scarlet ~o~ [Tue 7/24 3 AM HOL]
Sirius vs Vanessa [Thu 7/26 4 PM HOL] - Vanessa forfeit; Sirius gets 25 points
Faye vs Scarlet ~o~ [Wed, 8/1 5 PM HOL]
Maxim vs Scarlet ~o~ [Sun 8/5 6 PM HOL]
Will vs Marcie ~o~ [Sat 8/11 7 PM HOL]
Kendra vs Arianna ~o~ [Mon 8/13 2 AM HOL]
Faye ~o~ vs Marcie [Thu 8/16 5 PM HOL]
Arnora vs Arianna [Sat 8/18 7 PM HOL] - tie game
Emma ~o~ vs Katelin [Sun 8/19 10 PM HOL]

If you find that the time listed for one of your matches does not work for you, make sure to post on the reschedule thread as soon as possible!

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