Broom Games: Additional Games and Other Announcements

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Broom Games: Additional Games and Other Announcements

Post by Will Lestrange » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:55 pm

When looking at the schedule, we realized that some of the broom games (non-Quaffle) are actually REALLY fast. For example, Xany games are usually over within five minutes! Therefore, in order to make pickup sessions last at least 30 minutes, we will sometimes add additional broom games to each session.

What is scheduled is a regular broom game of the kind for that week, and a Cascade version. Any additional games will be clearly announced; while they will still count for team points, they will be worth slightly less than the regular broom games. In particular, an additional individual broom game (these are games such as Xany and Creaothceann where players compete as individuals) will give 8 points for 1st place, 5 points for 2nd place, and 3 points for 3rd place. An additional team broom game (these are games such as Quodpot where the teams compete directly against each other) will give 15 points to the winning team and 5 points to the losing team.

Also, at the beginning of a broom games session, sometimes we might decide to begin with a warm-up game that does NOT count for team points. This will be done in order to familiarize players to a game which may be new to them, as well as getting used to being in two rooms at once and asking questions before the real fun begins.

Finally, we should say a few things about people who arrive late to broom games. Basically:

-If you arrive in the middle of an INDIVIDUAL broom game and you know how to play the game, you are free to jump in.
-If you arrive in the middle of a TEAM broom game, you have to wait until the start of the next broom game.
-As long as you arrive before the final broom game in a session (this time will be clearly announced), you will win your team 2 XP.

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