Explanation of our Broom Games

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Explanation of our Broom Games

Post by Will Lestrange » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:13 am

Throughout the summer, we will be playing four different broom games that do not involve the Quaffle or the Snitch. In alphabetical order, they are as follows: CAB, Creaothceann, Quodpot, and Xany. Although all of these games have been played before, they may be new to some of you out on the pitch. Therefore, we are explaining the games in a bit more detail so that you can understand them!

1) CAB is actually an acronym, but what it stands for has been lost in the mists of time. It is played as a TEAM GAME: it begins with both teams lining up on the pitch, facing off against each other. The bot will randomly choose ONE PERSON from each team and call out a question. The two people called out will race to answer the question and whoever is first scores a point for their team!

2) Creaothceann is an ancient Scottish game whose name comes from the Scottish Gaelic words for "wounded head". Traditionally, it was played with people strapping cauldrons to their head and running around and catching rocks, but our version is slightly less dangerous. Each of our 'rocks' are caught as follows: a question is asked to everyone on the pitch and the first TWO players to answer it are in position to catch the rock. The rock then takes the form of a new question for those two players; whichever answers that question scores a point! Play continues onto the next question, but with a twist: no one is allowed to catch two rocks in a row! (In other words, if you earned a rock, you will NOT be allowed to attempt the next question.) Whoever catches the most rocks wins!

3) Quodpot is an American game named after its explosive ball, the "Quod". Traditionally, players score by placing the Quod into a "pot" while trying to make sure it doesn't explode. Our version, again, is slightly dangerous, but still involves explosions! It is played as a TEAM GAME, though the questions are all free-for-all. At the beginning of the game, the bot chooses a random number between 1 and 5; this number is the "explosion number" which means the Quod explodes on the corresponding question. Note that you will NOT KNOW this number until the Quod explodes! Now, gameplay proceeds as follows: the bot will keep on asking questions for possession of the quod. If it is an exploding question, answering the question will eliminate you from the game. Otherwise, Quod possession is worth N points where N is the number of questions since the last explosion. For example: if the bot chooses 3, Question 1 is worth 1 point, Question 2 is worth 2 points, and Question 3 will knock you out. After each explosion, the bot chooses another number and gameplay continues... until the last person on the losing team is eliminated. At that point, the team with the most points wins!

4) Xany is a broom racing game nearly as old as HOL itself! It was named after one of Ravenclaw's earliest professors and Quidditch coaches, Prof. Romulus "Xany" Xanthos. This game functions like regular botting with a twist: after the bot asks a question, the first THREE players to answer correctly score points (15 for 1st place, 10 for 2nd, and 5 for 3rd). Everyone keeps on scoring points until someone scores 150; at that point, the game ends and the first person to hit 150 points wins!

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