Cascade: how to practice?

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Cascade: how to practice?

Post by Will Lestrange » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:55 am

For each of the four mini-games that we play (Xany, CAB, Creaothceann, and Quodpot), we will play each of them twice: once using the normal question set and once using the special Cascade question set. The games themselves are explained HERE!

-Q1: What IS the Cascade question set, anyway?
A1: The Cascade set is a special question set invented by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis for the purposes of Quidditch Olympics three years ago, and further refined by Prof. Cody Lewis and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis in time for last year's Quidditch World Cup. Instead of questions, this set contains prompts - each of which has multiple possible correct answers. For example, you might be given the prompt "Hogwarts House Color" of which there are eight: scarlet, gold, yellow, black, blue, bronze, green, and silver. HOWEVER, when the bot gives you a prompt, the bot will randomly think of just ONE of those answers - and only THAT answer will be treated as correct! (For example, maybe the bot is thinking of 'black'; you won't realize this until you get around to typing 'black' as the color and the bot gives you feedback that 'black' was correct.)
-Q2: Where have I seen this set before?
A2: The Cascade set was first seen in 2015's Quidditch Olympics: primarily as a botting race. Since then, it has appeared in 2016's Quidditch Shenanigans (as a botting race), in 2017's Quidditch World Cup (as an alternative mode for many of the broom games), and as an alternative question set for numerous games in Quidditch pickups (especially Quodpot games) over the past two years.
-Q3: Where can I practice on the Cascade question set?
A3: Right now, the best place to practice on the Cascade question set is in the official Quidditch room, #quidditch . You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to bot in that room during this summer (except for either 'during' or 'immediately before' Quaffle games or mini-games) to practice with the Quidditch set. The bot in the room, Quiz, is the main bot that we will be using for our mini-games... and this bot DOES contain the Cascade set, along with other fun games.
-Q4: How can I use Quiz to bot Cascade questions?
A4: Quiz's call sign is the question mark, which means that the command you use to get Quiz to switch to the Cascade question set is
?qset cascade
Once you have switched over to the Cascade set, you can use the command
?trivia 50
to run a 50-question trivia session on the Cascade set, or
to run an unlimited trivia session on the Cascade set - but remember that you need to end unlimited sessions with the command

After you finish your Cascade set practice, it is considered good etiquette to return Quiz over to the normal set. This is done with the command
?qset full

-Q5: Cascade seems so hard and intimidating! There's no way I'll ever learn any of these questions!
A5: First, that's not a question. But more importantly, even with last year's revisions, Cascade is actually one of the shortest question sets out there - if I remember correctly, it only has around 100 questions (compared to 7582 questions on the full question set). After even a few botting rounds, you'll find the Cascade set to be every bit as natural as the regular set!

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