Bludger Dodgeball Demystified

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Bludger Dodgeball Demystified

Post by Will Lestrange » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:54 am

On Sunday, August 6, we will play our last broom mini-game of the Quidditch World Cup: bludger dodgeball! This game, the newest of our broom minigames, is incredibly exciting... but is so new that it's not well-understood by our Quidditch community. Think of it as an even more random version of Quodpot that values Quidditch trivia skills as well as fast reaction time. The game is played between two teams, which we shall call "Team A" and "Team B" for the purposes of explaining.

Here is how a question-turn in Quodpot goes down:
1) A question is announced like in Quaffle play, with a five second countdown between "situation" and "question".
2) Whoever answers the question will DEFINITELY score points for their team.
3) The bot randomly chooses to wait 2, 3, 4, or 5 seconds (25% probability each) to do its next action.
4) This action is chosen, with a calculated probability, to be either "start the next question-turn" (i.e. GOTO 1)) or "BLUDGER!!"
5) If "BLUDGER!!" is chosen, then that person has to type "dodge" before SOMEONE on the opposite team types "hit". If "dodge" is typed first, the player is safe; if 'hit' is typed first, the player can no longer answer questions. (NOTE: Even a player who has been knocked out by a bludger can still hit opponents with one in a later round.) Regardless, the next question-turn begins exactly one second later.

And the game ends just like Quodpot: when the last member of the losing team was knocked out by a bludger.

Further explanations/Arithmancy/"why is this question worth only one point?" below:
A: The first question of the match is worth ONE POINT if answered correctly and has a ZERO percent chance of turning into a bludger.
B: Just like Quodpot, the Nth question since a reset is worth N points if answered correctly (e.g. Question 3 is worth 3 points.)
C: The Bludger probability for a question is calculated according to the following line of IRC code:
%bludgerChance + $rand(1,$calc(100 - %bludgerChance))
In English, this means "the probability of turning into a Bludger increases each turn by a random amount."
D: After a missed question (i.e. no one answered correctly) or a bludger (even if dodged), all the parameters reset: as far as the bot is concerned, the next question will be worth ONE POINT and will DEFINITELY NOT turn into a Bludger, just like the first question of the match!

As a side note: the second question of the match is SLIGHTLY more likely than not to turn into a Bludger if answered correctly. After that, "%bludgerChance" increases with each non-Bludger question, but slower than you think: we need 100 questions in a row to be answered correctly without a Bludger before the next question will DEFINITELY be a Bludger!
(That said, the 100th question has a 99.99% chance of turning into a Bludger, so a hit-vs-dodge race at that point is essentially guaranteed!)

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