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Seeking Tournament Schedule

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:03 am
by Prof. Arielle Lemoyne
Snitch Tournament Regulations

*All matches will be played in #snitch.

*Try to show up a few minutes early so we will be prepared to start on time. A player who doesn't show up within 15 minutes of the game start time forfeits the match.

*If you know you can't make a scheduled match, please post in the reschedule thread (click here). You do not need to have a new time picked in order to post, simply say that you can't make the original time. If you post at least 24 hours before the start of the scheduled match, you are guaranteed a reschedule! Matches can be rescheduled to any time or date, provided that there is a referee available.

*The time limit is 90 minutes, the same time limit used in regular season games. If the snitch hasn't been caught within 90 minutes after the start of the game, it will be counted as a draw. (If the players and ref are still available, unofficial play may continue, but regardless of whoever may catch the snitch, it's still counted as a draw.)

For the Snitch tournament, the participants have been divided into 4 groups of 3 people each. Each person will play the others in their group once; the top two players in each group will advance to the playoffs.

Bulgaria A: Shiloh, Scarlet, Austin
Bulgaria B: Maxwell, Areille, Kendra
Ireland A: Amy, Vanessa, Sirius
Ireland B: Will, Alexander, Aurelia

Group Round

Week 1:
Vanessa [~o~] v. Sirius - Friday. July 21 @ 3am HOL
Alexander v. Aurelia [~o~] : Saturday July 22 @ 7pm HOL time
Shiloh [~o~] v. Austin: Sunday July 23 @ 8pm HOL time
Maxwell [~o~] v. Kendra: - Reschedule: Monday, July 31st @ 11pm HOL time

Week 2:
Will [~o~] v. Aurelia - Saturday July 29 @ 4am HOL time
Amy [~o~] v. Sirius - Saturday July 29 @ 4:30pm HOL time
Arielle [~o~] v. Maxwell - Sunday July 30 @ 7pm HOL time

Week 3:
Scarlet [~o~] v. Shiloh - Saturday Aug. 5 @ 7pm HOL time
Vanessa v. Amy [~o~] - Sunday Aug. 6 @ 6pm HOL time (forfeit)
Alexander v. Will [~o~] - Reschedule: Sunday Aug. 6 @ 10 pm HOL time
Scarlet [~o~] v. Austin - Reschedule: Monday Aug. 7 @ 2am HOL time
Kendra v. Arielle - Reschedule: Monday Aug. 7 @ 3:30am HOL time DRAW

Playoffs (dates TBD after the group round finishes)
1) Bulgaria #A1 Scarlet [~o~] v. Bulgaria #B2 (Maxwell) - Friday August 18 at 7 PM HOL
2) Bulgaria #B1 Arielle [~o~] v. Bulgaria #A2 (Shiloh) - Saturday August 19 at 7 PM HOL
3) Ireland #A1 Amy [~o~] v. Ireland #B2 (Aurelia) - Sunday August 13 at 6 PM HOL
4) Ireland #B1 Will [~o~] v. Ireland #A2 (Vanessa) (forfeit)

SEMIFINAL ROUND (Bulgaria v Ireland)
5) Match 1 winner (Scarlet) v Match 3 winner Amy [~o~] - Monday, 25 September at 5:30 PM HOL
6) Match 2 winner Arielle [~o~] v Match 4 winner (Will) - Friday August 25 at 2 AM HOL (Thursday August 24 in US time zones)

7) Game 5 winner (Amy) v Game 6 winner Arielle [~o~]

Good luck to all participants!

NOTE: When the top finishers in a division have the same records, the ties are broken as follows.

For a tie between two people, head-to-head records will be used.
For a tie between three people (or when the head-to-head is a tie), all three people will be set the same logic puzzle and seeding will be determined based on fastest solve time.

Re: Seeking Tournament Schedule

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:39 am
by Prof. Arielle Lemoyne
Our first match is in about 24 hours!

For all of the USA folks, here's the schedule in EST:

Week 1:
Vanessa v. Sirius - Thursday. July 20 @ 10pm EST
Alexander v. Aurelia: Saturday July 22 @ 2pm EST
Shiloh v. Austin: Sunday July 23 @ 3pm EST
Maxwell v. Kendra: - Monday July 31 @ 6 pm EST

Week 2:
Will v. Aurelia - Friday July 29 @ 11pm EST
Amy v. Sirius - Saturday July 29 @ 11:30am EST
Arielle v. Maxwell - Sunday July 30 @ 2pm EST

Week 3:
Scarlet v. Shiloh - Saturday Aug. 5 @ 2pm EST
Vanessa v. Amy - Sunday Aug. 6 @ 1pm EST
Alexander v. Will - Sunday Aug 6. @ 5 pm EST
Scarlet v. Austin - Sunday Aug 6 @ 9pm EST
Kendra v. Arielle - Sunday Aug 6 @ 10:30pm EST

See you in #snitch!

Re: Seeking Tournament Schedule

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:51 am
by Will Lestrange
The following are the standings after the Group Play round. ("A-B-C" = "won A; lost B; drew C" and the top two in each division advanced to the playoffs.)

Bulgaria A:
1) Scarlet (2-0-0)
2) Shiloh (1-1-0)
3) Austin (0-2-0)

Bulgaria B:
1) Arielle (1-0-1)
2) Maxwell (1-1-0)
3) Kendra (0-1-1)

Ireland A:
1) Amy (2-0-0)
2) Vanessa (1-1-0)
3) Sirius (0-2-0)

Ireland B:
1) Will (2-0-0)
2) Aurelia (1-1-0)
3) Alexander (0-2-0)

Re: Seeking Tournament Schedule

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:08 am
by Will Lestrange
The playoffs are currently being scheduled! Look at the top post of this thread to see which matches have been scheduled and when they are taking place.

Re: Seeking Tournament Schedule

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:55 am
by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
One of the Seeker's has returned from her World Travels and thus is scheduled another Snitch match!

Next Thursday, 14 September at 4 pm HOL time, Bulgaria's Scarlet Leslie-Lewis plays Ireland's Amy Lupin

Then, the winner of that game will play in the final round.

Will that final round be Bulgaria vs Ireland? Or Ireland vs Ireland!? :o Someone, we won't say who it was SHILOH, pointed out to me that if it is not Bulgaria vs Ireland it will be Bulgaria vs Bulgaria.