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A Capella Music

Postby Prof. Ryan Granger » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:10 pm

So last night I went to my first ever ICCA Quarterfinals and it was awesome! I've always wanted to be a part of an a capella group and I eventually created my own at my university since we didn't have one. I'm sure there's at least one other a capella fan out there. So what are some of your favorite a capella groups out there? What are some of your favorite songs? And also have you seen the docu-series Sing it On, on Netflix? If not, watch it, just don't spoil it for me, I'm only on like episode 3. But that'll probably change soon.

Right now I'm hooked on covers of "Welcome to the Black Parade." So what songs are you hooked on? What songs do you want covered? I would answer these questions right now, but that would probably turn into like a 12 page paper about each song and the reasons why I want to hear it covered.
YAY Fumei! I love it!
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