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Steph Rowe
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Postby Steph Rowe » Sat Aug 13, 2005 5:30 am

I would recommend the band All American Rejects to anyone. I would describe them as a punk band, quite similar to Simple Plan and Greenday. They have released two great songs so far (that I know of), called Swing, Swing and Dirty Little Secret

I would also recommend Lifehouse or Wheatus to people. I can't think of any others at the moment.

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Arwen Tonks
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Postby Arwen Tonks » Sat Aug 20, 2005 6:02 pm

This is not a band or anything, in fact it's just one song. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. It's really cool, I like it anyway and I'd definately recommend it to a friend smile.gif
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Amethyst Heartwhich
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Postby Amethyst Heartwhich » Sat Aug 20, 2005 6:51 pm

Well I meaily listen to music like Mest, Bowling for Soup, Evanescence, umm.. some of The Buzzcocks songs are good. And the rest of stuff i listen to is ranom songs.. biggrin.gif

Ame xx

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Elganorus Oakbark
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Postby Elganorus Oakbark » Sat Aug 27, 2005 12:38 pm

I recommend Pink Floyd of course biggrin.gif
After that my advice is that everybody should try classical music.
Why? I know it is not trendy, but think of it! It was the root of all music!
My opinion is, that everything you listen was invented before.
And classical music is so relaxing, calm, and beautiful.
So I recommend Mozart, Schubert, Hayden, Beethowen and Wagner (the intros), Holms (The Planets), Tshaikowsky, Dvorzak (The New World), Smetana and Vivaldi.
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Blake McMichael
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Postby Blake McMichael » Wed Aug 31, 2005 3:39 am

I just discovered an excellent band playing a free show in San Francisco while I was on vacation. They're called Kaweh, and the guitarist is absolutely incredible. There are no words, no lyrics, but the music seems to speak volumes to me. As soon as the gig was over, I bought both of their CDs and have been listening to them a lot. for more information...

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Forrest Lycus
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Postby Forrest Lycus » Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:05 pm

Well two main bands who i love and recommend strongly are Killers and Foo Fighters. I saw them both live over the weekend and they were excellent!

Also recommend some alternative music like Bright Eyes (listen to 'Digital Ash in a Digital Urn') and Rilo Kiley. Both excellent music makers!

Finally, a few you should try as well are Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat, Hard Fi and finally, for something a little romantic and different to all above- Al Green! 'Lets Stay Together' is sooo beautiful rolleyes.gif
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Emmeline Brisk
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Postby Emmeline Brisk » Wed Aug 31, 2005 6:42 pm

I recommend:
Die Ärzte, it's a German punk band. They're a lot of fun to listen to, even if you don't understand German.
Jack Johnson for those who enjoy acoustic guitar-type music
HelloGoodbye if you're a fan of The All-American Rejects, that kind of stuff
Rooney. They remind me of Weezer, in a way
Thursday good angry, screamo music
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Oria Bly
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Postby Oria Bly » Sat Sep 03, 2005 8:22 pm

Well, I go for punk/rock music

U2:I thought How to Disable an Atomic Bomb was a fantastic album. They are masters at this. They just got accepted into the rock and roll hall of fame! yay!

My Chemical Romance:They are a great new group (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge-album) They are borderline emo, but have great songs like Helena, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison. On Tuesday The Ghost of You music Video Is coming out.

The Killers:Also a great new band (Hot Fuss-album) They are alternative rock. Mr Brightside(video), All These Things That I've Done(video) and Somebody Told Me were great songs with a great edge to them

Last But Definately NOT LEAST....
The Best Band...

GREEN DAY:This band is the best! They dominated the MTV VMAs (I went to a concert on Sep. 1st, they ROCKED) All Albums were great. All of the songs aren't some computer generated garbage, they are true. This is the BEST BAND!!

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Rhiannon Jones
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Postby Rhiannon Jones » Mon Sep 05, 2005 4:07 pm

Wow you guys have very diverse tastes in music! Many of my favourites have already been listed! I'm a rock/indie girl and love lots of bands including the Killers and the Kaiser Cheifs but I won't go on about them as they have been mentioned but these are my real passions!:

Muse are so totally amazing, saw them twice and have totally blown me away so listen to any of their albums, namely Absolution, Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz and I guarantee you will be blown away.

Blindside are another awesome band, Christian but not so totally in your face that non Christians would think it's OTT, they do metal/rock depending on which album you listen to and they are Swedish.

Funeral for a Friend mentioned before but rock so much!

Lostprophets I'm sure you've heard of them if you're into rock and they do such good songs ranging from poppy fun songs like Last Summer to the heavier stuff like (wake up) Make a Move.

Kurios They're a guy from my youth group's band and they rocked when I saw them play, Christian but totally awesome.

I could go on about this sort of thing but I won't as I'll bore you all!
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Charlie Starr
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Postby Charlie Starr » Fri Sep 09, 2005 12:39 am

Bands I always preach are Bright Eyes, The Dandy Warhols and a new fave of mine the Shins. Gotta love 'em

Andrew Mooney

Postby Andrew Mooney » Sun Sep 18, 2005 8:31 pm

metal music is very good and the songs always tell a story or have some meaning to it. i would suggest system of a down biggrin.gif

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Emily Vale
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Postby Emily Vale » Thu Oct 06, 2005 6:05 am

I like mostly rap. I love JaRule. (and way too many others to name)

If you like R&B, I definately recommend Ciara. I like her a lot. And Mariah. (of course)

And for rock my suggestion is TRAPT . They have one song that was on the radio a lot called Headstrong, but other than that I don't think a lot of people know them. They have some really good metaphorical lyrics. (if you like that sort of thing) -Em
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Neia Black

Postby Neia Black » Wed Oct 12, 2005 6:00 am

I don't know if you're going to come across some of the bands I will name but they're from South America and my favourites I have to say, maybe you'll hear a song and like them as well, who knows?


Hope you enjoy them!!! They're Rock bands...

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Rachel Cherokee
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Postby Rachel Cherokee » Mon Oct 24, 2005 11:06 am

How could I have let this thread past by without introducing my favourite band of all time? *g*

I highly recommend Westlife. They are a must listen if you're a big fan of ballads. Although they've been labelled as a boyband, their strong fan base and record sales have been proving critics wrong. Their diversity in music is wide and they have even released a 'rat-pack' album. Personally, I prefer them when they are singing ballads. Their B-sides are not to be missed either. Their newest album, Face to Face is released on the 31st of October 2005 (The same day as Darren's new single, So Beautiful) for UK and Asia. While it is released on November 3rd for the States. Check your local record stores on those days! Btw, their newest single, You Raise Me Up should be released already

My other favourite band is The Beatles. Yes, granted that they broke up in 1970, their records are still selling and they're heading towards the billion dollar mark. I'm quite a fan of rock and roll and the Beatles fit the bill. With their interesting lyrics that have even appeared on Lost [Charlie's tattoo. *g*] and their wonderful tunes, it's no wonder that they are labelled as the Greatest Band in the World. How can one not reccomend this band to a friend? *g*
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Rachel Baudelaire
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Postby Rachel Baudelaire » Fri Dec 02, 2005 6:40 pm

LOL!! I was looking through the threads and I saw "Recommend to a Friend, Suggest a Band", then "Last post: Rachel Cherokee".. AND I JUST KNEW IT! XD Crazy fangirl *loves twin*

I'm not usually into 'boybands' and such, but I'd recommend Lifehouse, if they weren't already recommended. They are one of my favourites smile.gif Great music!

Jasmine H. Hunt
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Postby Jasmine H. Hunt » Sun Dec 11, 2005 7:21 am


I have to put in Varttina! Finnish folk band that rule.
Michael Jackson. Ignore the politics, listen to the music. Amazing.
Elton John. Such feeling.
And of course, The Hives. Amazing Swedish rock group. Live, they are gods.

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Ryuichi Hyori
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Postby Ryuichi Hyori » Sun Dec 11, 2005 8:57 pm

If anyone were to ever pick up some Korean music, you should definitely listen to these guys:

Lee Soo Young
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Baby V.O.X.
Kim Yoon Ah

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Sha Moseley
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Postby Sha Moseley » Fri Dec 30, 2005 4:30 am

As for music, I listen to just about anything. But there is this one singer, Keyshia Cole, who has a really nice voice. I also like Foo Fighters, Patrick Doyle (from the HP GoF Soundtrack), and K's Choice & Anouk (I Alone).

Summer Black
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Postby Summer Black » Sat Feb 25, 2006 12:41 am

Hey, if you want a great band you gotta listen to Guns N' Roses. they define what classic rock is.
Their best song is "Welcome to the Jungle"
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Lyza Zhen Haliwell
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Postby Lyza Zhen Haliwell » Sat Mar 18, 2006 1:47 pm

Red hot Chili peppers... they're the best
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