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Teacher Directory

Postby February Fortescue » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:45 am

Prof. Amy Lupin
HOL Message: pr_amy email: amy.lupin5 [at} gmail.com
Introduction to Sign Language email: hol.signlanguage[at]gmail.com

Arianna Stonewater
HOL Message: ar1227 email: beth.shearer14[at]gmail.com
Puzzles 101 email: holpuzzler[at]gmail.com

Ariella McManus
HOL Message: ar1107 email: cowboyangel20[at]gmail.com
Beyond Hogwarts email: beyondhogwarts.hol[at]gmail.com
Dreamology 101 email: dreamology101[at]gmail.com

Prof. Arielle Lemoyne
HOL Message: pr_lem email: arielle.lemoyne[at]gmail.com
Dueling 101: hol.dueling101[at]gmail.com
Kennilworthy's Kitchen: kennilworthys.kitchen[at]gmail.com
Poetry Writing : poetry.hol[at]gmail.com

Ashley Margaret
HOL Message: as922 email: ashleymargaret.hol[at]gmail.com
Apparition License Class : ashleymargaret.hol[at]gmail.com
The Battle of Hogwarts: ashleymargaret.hol[at]gmail.com
The History of Witchcraft : ashleymargaret.hol[at]gmail.com

Prof. Cody Lewis
HOL Message: pr_cod email: cody[at]dungeons.org.uk
Word Magic: wordmagic.hol[at]gmail.com

Prof. Cosmo B. Mott
HOL Message: pr_cos email: cosmob[at]gmail.com
Knitting the Muggle Way: knitting[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk

Prof. Dario Šehović
HOL Message: pr_mlk email: dario[at]hol.org.uk
Transiguration hol.transfigurations[at]gmail.com

February Fortescue
HOL Message: fe886
Astrology and Harry Potter AquarCanAquar[at]gmail.com
Monsters in Cinema holmonstermovies[at]gmail.com
The Marauders 101 themarauders101[at]gmail.com

Prof. Felicia Hartwick
HOL Message: pr_fel email: felicia_hartwick[at]yahoo.com
Ancient Runes ancientrunes804[at]gmail.com

Prof. Gustavo Flores
HOL Message: pr_gus email: guspereyra_88[at]hotmail.com
Dance Academy: Ballet holdance.academy[at]gmail.com
Disney Studies: The Classics hol.disneystudies[at]gmail.com
Fantastic Worlds and Where to Find Them holfantastic.worlds[at]gmail.com

Prof. Hailey Potter
HOL Message: pr_hai email: haileypotterhol[at]gmail.com
Advanced Divination divinationathol[at]gmail.com
An Introduction to Divination divinationathol[at]gmail.com
HOL 101: An Orientation hol101orientation[at]gmail.com

Ivelisse Ada
HOL Message: iv823 email: ivelisseada[at]gmail.com
HOL Exchange Program: Beauxbatons holexchangeprogram[at]gmail.com
The Dark Arts darkarts.hol[at]gmail.com
Theory of Charms holcharmsclass[at]gmail.com

Prof. Jenny Lupin
HOL Message: pr_lup email: jennylupin[at]gmail.com
HOL Quidditch jennylupin[at]gmail.com

Prof. Kath Snape
HOL Message: pr_kat email: kathsnape[at]gmail.com
Potions for Beginners kathsnape[at]gmail.com

Kim Alting
HOL Message: ki1010
Potions holpotionmaking[at]gmail.com

Prof. Kyrie Adderholt
HOL Message: pr_add email: kyrie.adderholt[at]gmail.com
HOL OWLs holowlexam[at]gmail.com

Lavinia Rookwood
HOL Message: la1060 email:
angelbaby1327 [at] gmail.com
Animagus 101 animagustraining101[at]gmail.com

Lilly Anderson
HOL Message: li1300 email: lilly.anderson1300[at]gmail.com
Queens of England HOLQueens[at]gmail.com

Maxim Trevelyan
HOL Message: ma1876 email: mtrevelyan[at]mail.com
W.O.M.B.A.T. hol.wombat[at]mail.com

Maxwell Shadow
HOL Message: ma1705
Marvellous Musical Theatre - Act 3 holmusicals[at]gmail.com

Prof. Missa Matz
HOL Message: pr_mis email: missabeechan[at]yahoo.com
History of Magic missabeechan[at]yahoo.com

Prof. Neville Prongs
HOL Message: pr_pro email: nevilleprongs[at]gmail.com
Death Eaters 101 hol.deatheaters101[at]gmail.com
Defense Against the Dark Arts hol.dada[at]gmail.com

Prof. Nina Messersmith
HOL Message: pr_mes email: AMesse3483[at]aol.com
Through the Stones - Outlander holthroughthestones[at]gmail.com

Prof. Opal Dragonfly
HOL Message: pr_dra email: opaldragonfly[at]yahoo.com
HP Symbolism
Magical Creatures Lore I
Potable Potions I

Polaris Black
HOL Message: po837 email: polarisblack[at]gmail.com
Art Appreciation: The Ninja Turtles holart.ninjaturtles[at]gmail.com
Magic in Famous Mysteries hol.mifm[at]gmail.com
Quidditch - The Wizarding Way! hol.wizardquidditch[at]gmail.com

Prof. Rachel Selenia
HOL Message: pr_rch email: rachel.selenia[at]gmail.com
Norse Myths and Legends rachel.selenia[at]gmail.com

Riliey Starshine
HOL Message: ri866 email: RilieyStarshine[at]gmail.com
Palmistry palmistry.hol[at]gmail.com

Prof. Rorey Padfoot
HOL Message: pr_pad email: profrorey[at]gmail.com
Astronomy hol.astronomy[at]gmail.com
History of Hogwarts: The Professors hol.hhprof[at]gmail.com
Internship at The Ministry of Magic hol.momintern[at]gmail.com
Mysteries of the Lake hol.blacklake[at]gmail.com
Tour of the Common Rooms tourthecommonrooms[at]gmail.com

Rosemarie Halliwell
HOL Message: ro996 email: rosemariehalliwell[at] gmail.com
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fantasticbeasts.hol [at]gmail.com

Rowan Dream
HOL Message: ro961 email: rowandream[at]gmail.com
Magical Runes rowandream[at]gmail.com

Prof. Ryan Granger
HOL Message: pr_rya email: Ryan.Granger840[at]gmail.com
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures hol.careofmagicalcreatures[at]gmail.com
Care of Magical Creature hol.careofmagicalcreatures [at] gmail.com
Flying hol.flying[at]gmail.com

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
HOL Message:pr_sca email: scarlet.leslie[at]gmail.com IRC: Scarlet
Confronting Your Boggart holboggart [at] gmail.com
Journey of the Hero hol.journeyofthehero[at]gmail.com
Poisons poisons.hol[at]gmail.com

Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi
HOL Message: pr_sil email: agugora7[at]gmail.com
Beyond Earth: The Aliens of Sci-Fi hol.aliens[at]gmail.com
Famous Magical Equines famous.equines[at]gmail.com

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
HOL Message: pr_tar
Charms charms[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk
The Hobbit, From Tolkien to Jackson thehobbit[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk
Wand-Making wandmaking[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk

Prof. Zoki Phantom
HOL Message: pr_zok email: zokivphantom[at]gmail.com
History of Hogwarts: The Castle zokivphantom[at]gmail.com
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