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Spring Term Class Advertisements

Postby Prof. Rorey Padfoot » Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:28 pm

Want to know what classes you should take this term? Craving some more information and what each of the classes have to offer?

You can find out in this thread!

This post will contain information regarding the classes the HOL professors and student teachers are hosting. If you want all of your class information in one go, this is the best place to look!

If you have more questions regarding a certain class, please contact the professor/student teacher. E-mailing your professors or student teachers to see if you can join their class MIGHT make them cranky, so try not to do that. XD

Class List

***Professors and Student Teachers ONLY to post in this thread, please****
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Postby Prof. Zenix James » Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:43 pm

Well, I'll start this off!

Hello, students!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm ready to have an awesome class this term. We have Butterbeer, Chocolate Cauldrons and Pumpkin Juice. So, we're pretty much ready to throw down and party.

My name is Professor Zenix James and I would like to welcome you to a brief overview of the class 'When Muggles and Magic Collide,' which is a one term class.

I am sure you are wondering what exactly this class is going to be about, other than some fun, joking around and a lot of tomfoolery. I hope that you will gain some insight into a bit of magical history and how it governs our world of magic. Here's a brief description of the class:

Non-magic folk, and those in the Wizarding world, have been living side-by-side for centuries. Those of whom we refer to as 'muggles' (or the aforementioned non-magic folk) have been kept in the dark about the existence of wizards, witches and their magic, but why? What caused witches and wizards to create a secret world and a superiority complex over the muggle world? Maybe it's all those biting doorknobs taking off fingers. I wouldn't blame them myself at that point. (Thanks a lot, Willy Widdershins.)

During this class, we will discuss various topics and theories as to why this has happened:


September Lesson: Muggles, Magic, and the Wizarding World: The Beginning of Double Standards.

October Lesson: Misconstruing Magic

November Lesson: The Ministry of Magic: The Governing Body of the Magical World

December Lesson: Unlawful Persecution - Including the Salem Witch Trials: The Cause,
Myth, and Aftermath

Final Exam

While these seem like loaded topics, they're essential to understanding our world
and, I promise, not as intimidating as they seem. So, that's about it! Sounds highly
interesting, right? I think so and I sincerely hope you'll join me this term!

For more information on the class, feel free to Clck Here and enjoy!
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