Week 3 - Creative

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Week 3 - Creative

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:12 pm

Please note: This thread has been posted a few hours early and will only be unlocked around midnight HOL-time.

The Institute of Inspirational, Infamous and Outrageous Fictional Folk is looking at opening several additional chapters in the near future. In drawing up plans for the respective buildings, the architects and directors decided they wanted to draw inspiration from their current members. Please share what your character's own headquarters are like. Is it an office, their home, a special building or something else entirely? Does it have a name? Are there any special facilities or pieces of equipment to be found there? What do they tend to do there? Any other details are welcome!

For 10 points and a boost of 100 to your character score, tell us about your character’s headquarters in 100 words or more and post it below. Alternatively, you could make a graphic if you prefer: it should be original and no more than 600 x 600 pixels (please include a short description as well). The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on 21 October.

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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:24 am

Inigo Montoya almost laughed. These people, this dream, whatever it was, was beginning to be entertaining. Such questions they ask and about things which Inigo found to be trivial and/or useless.

Now they want to know about headquarters? He was a swordsman, the finest swordsman in the world. He had no headquarters. He lived, he fought, he searched for the man with six fingers.

Headquarters? Maybe they want to know where he searched ... that was easy. He made his way through the land, supporting himself as he could, and checked for information at all the taverns and inns of each town. So maybe that could be called a 'headquarters', of sorts. The intelligence he could gather in the taverns was, of course, not always leading him to what he sought, but it was usually useful and pointed him in directions where he could continue his search.

Each tavern was different; each tavern was unique. They all supplied food and drink. Some provided rooms (or a space on the floor in the common room) where a weary person could sleep. Some were clean, some were not. Some were of one story, some had multiple floors. They all varied and the people who gathered in them all varied. The one common thing (besides the food and drink) they all shared is that information was always to be found in them.
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Iverian Gnash » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:37 pm

Hiccup loved this question. Here was his chance to show off his headquarters that he had built with his friends. Hiccup began to speak. “My headquarters are rather like a base. I built it with my friends and we each incorporated our own little thing. We each have our own house on it. Our base is called Dragons Edge. We usually hang out when there aren’t dragon hunters to catch and dragons to free. When there are, our base turns into a training camp where we train for a battle and go over plans. We have lots of special equipment there. To name a few: our dragon eye that reads dragon lenses that shows us new maps of where new dragons are, my shield that can shoot things from it, my sword that can light up in fire, and my wings that are specially fitted to my size. My friends have some things too, but I don’t think they would want their secrets getting out.” Hiccup stepped down.
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Arianna Stonewater » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:00 am

Leslie Knope thought hard about her headquarters. Currently, her headquarters was her city council office across the courtyard from her old office at the Parks and Rec department. It's not as big as her original city council office that had it's own private bathroom, but it was still nice. She has a great desk, plenty of space for her Wall of Inspiration, and chairs for her friends to sit in when they stop by. But with this recall vote, who knows what will happen...perhaps she'd be back in her old office again. It certainly wouldn't be the end of the world, she'd be closer to the conference room with the big white board, and also nearer to her friends, but it would also mean she was no longer on the city council. But then again, what if she moved up? I mean, the goal was to be in the White House by 2020 with Ben....perhaps that would be the headquarters to think about! She'd be so close to many of the women in Washington that she admired, plus she'd have all that space in the Oval Office! She might even have the Bidens over for dinner every week! She'd miss her friends terribly though..... if only the White House were in Pawnee, then it'd be perfect!
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Sirius Fudge » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:16 am

"For this one, I could share the smithy in Port Royal where I worked in my childhood years. I was an apprentice of one named Mr. John Brown. It was dusty, sometimes muddy. There were forges, huge bellows, and charcoal furnaces. These words, you could imagine the place as hot and dirty as possible. But I loved that place. The wide array of weapons displayed, from swords, axes, flintlocks as well, numerous racks were filled with them."

"That place is where I am safe. I trained dueling for three hours everyday there. The many hours of hammering, folding, grinding, polishing, worth it. One tainting memory though is Jack breaking the terms of engagement in our duel in the place. The memory still stings. But overall, it was nice, good."

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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Cody Lewis » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:17 pm


"This is the Millennium Falcon," Han Solo explained as he flattened out a hand-drawn blueprint of his ship's interior. He added, "Fastest in the galaxy. I spend the majority of my time piloting it, so I'd say it counts as my headquarters."

He grinned, hoping for some positive feedback.

"Lumpy? Who says it looks lumpy?" Han frowned at the criticism of his drawing. "It's a rough sketch, but she really does look like this! Look, here's the boarding ramp. And that's where I sit. It's the, er, pilot's room, but we call it a cockpit." He wasn't sure these people from strange worlds would understand his spacer jargon.

"There are several holds throughout the ship. The Falcon's a YT-1300 light freighter, so she's built for... freighting. You know, trade goods, nothing illegal or anything." Han chuckled nervously.

"Secret compartments? Oh, that's not supposed to be on there. You're not supposed to know about those. Just ignore them." Han attempted to change the subject by diverting attention to the engine room. "And this is where the magic happens. I've spent a lot of time in here making modifications to the sublight engines."

"Here's how you get to the quad laser turrets," Han explained. "I've only had to use them a few times when Chewie and I got into a bind. And here are the quarters, but I'm much more comfortable in the cockpit than anywhere else."

"So that's my headquarters," he said finally. "What do you think?"
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Amaryllis Storm » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:45 am

Roran thought to himself that the next time he was dragged to any strange place, he was going to make sure Eragon was dragged with him. He was not sure what a Headquarters was, he assumed it was like the place Eragon was planning for the new Riders.

It should be accessible to those who need your services on a regular basis and it should be able to quickly house people in an emergency, yet be highly defensible. It should be able to feed and water the people and animals inside for many months in the case of a siege.

There should also be room to train and also learn, not just in the area of war but other crafts, A well stock, and well-staffed healing hall is a must.

An area where your people can relax and get together would be good, it good to celebrate together.

It should have many storage areas, but also strong vault for storing dangerous artifacts from prying eyes. Such things should not be on display.

It should also have a secret escape route should the need arise, leading to a safe area far from the headquarters.

Certain areas should be fortified to withstand bombardment, areas where people will be safe in dangerous time.
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Will Lestrange » Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:31 am

Aladdin's main "headquarters" are a private room in the palace he currently lives in with Princess Jasmine. The palace is one room in particular that reminds him of the dark places he used to hide in for scheming purposes back in his "street urchin" days: the ceiling is so low that you have to duck to enter the room! Inside are parchments containing notes from all sort of schemes: both past schemes and future plans as sultan. The room does not have any particular name because he prefers to keep the room fairly obscure (if not for political pressure, he would probably have continued to do most of his scheming outside of the castle, in the places he used to hide as a street urchin) - and giving the room a name would allow others to know something about it. But the room's decor is gilded - to remind Aladdin of all he has accomplished so far!
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Bull J. Johnson » Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:28 pm

The Headquarter or Helm as it is usually called on the Enterprise where James T. Kirk works is a big room in the top front most part of his ship.There is a few stations in this room. Each station has many different buttons and many different controls that do countless different jobs. James T. Kirk sits in the middle of all of this in his captain chair orchestrating everything. Each person that works on the helm with him knows their job inside and out and they all do there jobs perfectly although sometimes there missions are not the most easiest to do.
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Gail Allen » Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:17 pm

Robin Hood's head quarters is not a building and as such there are not really much to describe about the layout of it. Instead it is beneath a great oak in Sherwood Forest. There are of course also other trees around and when the weather turns cold or wet he and his gang construct temporary shelters from branches and small trees. But these do have to be temporary to avoid detection; if they stayed in any one place too long they would risk the sheriff finding their camp and since they are all outlaws that would result in being captured. So Robin Hood's head quarters are always moving to avoid the reach of the law.
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Re: Week 3 - Creative

Post by Polaris Black » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:19 pm

For Kate Beckett, headquarters is Police Headquarters, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Her office is on the fourth floor of New York City Police Department's 12th Precinct. There are rows of overhead fluorescent lights, two-person desks, computers, recording devices, telephones, utilitarian chairs, file cabinets and other typical office equipment. Here, police officers can be seen assisting personnel in casework, interviewing suspects and writing detailed reports. Others identify, collect, process and protect evidence. Detectives can be seen huddled around a whiteboard, using physical and testimonial evidence to try to piece together a probable version of events leading to and following a crime. A notable crime-fighting and counterterrorism tool is the Domain Awareness System (DAS) application jointly developed by the NYPD and Microsoft, which utilizes vast networks of cameras, license plate readers and radiological sensors.
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