Week 3 - Scenario

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Week 3 - Scenario

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:09 pm

You finally make it out of that room and back into the conference hall, only to be greeted by people rushing about, shouting loudly. You look around trying to find someone to ask about what is going on, when there's a momentary gap in crowd and you catch sight of a news presenter being broadcasted on one of the walls. You edge closer and catch sight of the banner at the bottom of the makeshift screen. It reads: BREAKING NEWS! Natural disaster imminent.

Someone rushes up to you and fills you in on the details then adds, "They're going to need all hands on deck. Anything you can do to help out would be appreciated."

For this scenario, you need to describe how your character would deal with an impending natural disaster in 100 words or more. An example of what your character could do would be to come up with some kind of solution to help those in need (rather than an emotional response to this).

For the chance of a score bonus for this task, please pick 2 (two) of the following prompts and include them in your response. Place brackets around them when they appear in the text and note which you chose at the bottom of your submission. These items will have a value ranging from zero to 30:
  • A letter
  • A chest, box or bag
  • An ornament or decoration
  • A hiding place
  • A light source
Note: You don’t have to avoid including any of the others if they come up in your piece, just make sure the ones you’re choosing for the bonus are marked with brackets. If you mark more than 2, we'll only count the first 2.

To earn 10 house points and a boost of 100 to your character score (plus your possible bonus), please email your scenario response to hol.characterclash @ gmail.com (without the spaces). The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on 21 October.

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