Week 2 - Creative

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Week 2 - Creative

Post by Sky Alton » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:02 am

A big part of being around your fellow characters is comparing notes on how you deal with the various situations you find yourself in. Someone at the party decides to give a demonstration of what they consider an essential survival kit. Spurred on to prove them wrong, you decide to wax lyrical about what items you consider absolutely essential when you’re facing the unknown.

For 10 points and a boost of 100 to your character score, tell us about your character’s ideal survival kit in 100 words or more and post it below. Alternatively, you could make a graphic if you prefer: it should be original and no more than 600 x 600 pixels (please include a short description of the items shown). Whichever option you choose, try to include at least four items. The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on October 14th.
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:05 pm

Inigo Montoya snorted quietly to himself. An 'ideal survival kit'. While he felt no need to tell anyone else what he thought that would be, he thought of it. First of all, it had to be easily carried. Not too heavy. Something that, if a person was on the run for their life, they would have a chance at survival. (Inigo completely disregarded that his sword was heavy, and along with the scabbard, were not anything that one would call easily carried. The sword was a part of him. It was essential to his survival, and to his mission as he saw it.)

First, a leather pouch which can be tied or attached to his belt. Secondly, what to put in the pouch. Flint and steel, and hopefully some tinder - for fires. Warmth, cooking food, making signals. Cloth bandana -- good to fasten over the head or tie up wounds. Depending on the size of the pouch, a small cook pot, preferably of metal, shallow if need be, to fit in the pouch. This could heat up water, cook food. Speaking of food - fish hooks and line, put in heavy cloth bag and then in the leather one. That could catch a fish - or a bird.

To attach to his belt -- and maybe have a couple in his boots - small dagger(s) -- to use for eating and whatever. He once had a cooking pot which was larger, and he had attached to his belt. He thought that, if he had an opportunity to obtain another, that would be a useful addition to a 'survival kit'.

He gave attention to the clothes aspect. Whatever he was wearing would have to be sturdy. Probably leather tunic and then linen shirt and wool pants. Leather boots. He laughed, inwardly. Oddly it seemed that what he had with him would be considered most of a survival kit. He had with him all but the fish hooks, line and cook pot.
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Maxim Trevelyan » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:09 pm

Of course the first thing I would pack is food. To minimize the space food would need, I would only pack dense, high protein flavorless bars. They have everything you would require for nourishment when you are trying to survive. They would also never spoil nor crinkle or otherwise attract predators and other animals when you are unaware.

After food comes water. I would have one or two flasks of it ready, if the situation calls for being on the move, as opposed to one gallon per person per day. I would also keep an empty flask, because my first objective would be to find a source of water.

Then, first aid kit. Wilderness is full of predators and other dangers that lurk in the light or in the shadow. People can be dumb, not that I would be, but were I to meet others, they could require help and a first aid kit would achieve that.

I would also take a flashlight or some other source of light that does not require much energy together with extra batteries. The latter could also be used for a walkie-talkie or some other means of communications that could be used to get informed about a situation or find my way back to my destination.

Some cash in different currencies never goes amiss. You never know when you would need to buy something that could be considered essential in that area or bribe a person, though, of course, I would never stoop to such low levels of villainy.

These are just some of the items that would be in my survival kit. I would never be so thoughtless as to show all my cards to you people. I also resent the implication that I would ever get lost, but I am prepared for all scenarios.
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Iverian Gnash » Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:07 pm

Hiccup laughed at some of the things people were bringing.
"First of all," he said, "I would bring my dragon, Toothless, with me. Toothless has gotten me out of many tight situations before and I probably owe him my life."
"Next, I would bring my fellow dragon riders with me. They always help out with everything. Well, maybe not Snotlout or the twins," Hiccup muttered.
"After that, I would definitely bring a spare metal leg. I have a habit of losing or damaging them."
"Hmmm, I guess I would bring my wings so I can float instead of fall if I were to be thrown off of Toothless for some reason."
"Finally, I would bring some medical supplies (although I have no idea what to do with it), a repair kit in case anything gets broken, an ax for hacking stuff open, the dragon eye in case we find any more dragon lenses, and my shield that can also shoot things in case of an attack," Hiccup finished his survival kit.
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Cody Lewis
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Cody Lewis » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:23 am

Han Solo's Survival Kit
  • DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
  • The Millennium Falcon
  • Boots
  • Jacket
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Will Lestrange » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:41 am

I have had the most success in the past with lamps: after all, lamps can often contain genies who are more than willing to help you out when you need it! And even if a lamp has no genie in it, it still has the power of bringing light to darkness.

If I'm not lucky enough to find a lamp in my survival kit, my second choice would be a ring. Rings are smaller than lamps and therefore easier to hide... and of course there's always the possibility of a genie living in one of those as well!

If I need a quick escape, my favorite portable form of transportation is a flying carpet; being able to levitate off the ground and escape has got to be useful!

And finally, I wouldn't complete my survival kit without food. If I'm hungry, I sometimes need to risk coming out into the open by stealing food... with food of my own I can stay in the shadows for longer!

If I could place these four items (the lamp, the ring, the flying carpet, and the food) into a survival kit, I would feel secure and confident...
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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Arianna Stonewater » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:36 am

Here is the unofficial Leslie Knope Survival Kit:

-My Emergency Preparedness binder, with protocols for every possible disaster
-My Lil Sebastian stuffed animal to calm nerves
-An Emergency S'mores kit
-A Towel (Ben and I just watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night. He seemed to think there was a lot missing but I thought it was an enjoyable movie! and towels really do seem like something good to have)
-A Mini travel curling iron (it matches the one I got Ann for Galentine's day)

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Amaryllis Storm
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Amaryllis Storm » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:38 pm

Roran thought about what he had needed to survive in the past, A good hunting knife and a strong bow and supplies to make arrows, a flint for making fire. A good and sturdy waterskin and a pouch full of salt are all he would really need to survive in his world. Garrow made sure he and Eragon knew how to track game and recognized edible plant and herbs.

He knew how to prepare the skin and fur from the animals he caught, so clothing and shelter would be easy to create if he was near the woods. Even if he found himself in the desert of Surda, he could prepare himself before crossing terrain.

The cities were a different animal altogether. He would still choose to have a good hunting knife. His hammer of course. A sturdy hooded cloak with hidden pockets would come in handy.
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Bull J. Johnson » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:16 am

One thing that James T. Kirk would need to survive is his phaser. A phaser is a weapon a lot like a modern gun, however it can be set to stun or to kill. In other words, it can be used without killing someone or injuring someone badly, which means it is much safer than our modern guns.

Another thing that James T. Kirk would need for survival would be his communicator. With this communicator, he can talk to his crew no matter where or how far he is. A communicator can also let the transport team know where he is and when he needs to be beamed up.
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Sirius Fudge » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:43 am

"A survival kit, eh?" Will took out the musket hanging on his shoulders. "This one is durable, a great killer, whether long or short distance." He also took out his sword, with his name written on its edge. "This one never fails. Immensely strong blade, yet light and flexible. This one is good, too, the flintlock pistol." He took the weapon from his belt. "A combination of them, the sword and the flintlock is quite an experience. Used them both at the Battle of the Isla Cruces."

Will got another weapon, this one from the back of his right boot. "This one's a favorite. My father gave it to me, his black knife. Small, yet it serves its purpose. Gets me out of tight holes at times." Further, he took out an axe from the insides of his left boot. "Here's an axe, effective in close combat, useful in cutting ropes, too. Looks like that's it. Oh, an important one is still here." He rummaged his several pockets, looking for that final thing. "Here it is, a nice bottle of rum. Can help you to survive a cold night or when you get stranded in an island. Cheers!"

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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Gail Allen » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:01 pm

You don't actually need that much. It's far more important to be fast and be able to hide well if you need to.
Of course you do need a bow - it works well for both securing dinner and making sure you yourself can get out of trouble if you need to.
Other than that of course some food would be good, bread and dried meat is a good option - venision is particularly delicious, but ham is also great.
You need a knife too of course - it's important for a lot of different things, among them making arrows for your bow and for preparing food for cooking.
Having a way of making fire is also good.
And of course a suit of clothes that will keep you warm and allow you to hide well in the forest.
If you carry much more than this, you'll just be weighed down.

(And by the way: I love this task and you should all take my Survival class ;) )
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Polaris Black » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:46 am

Kate Beckett

As a law- enforcement officer in NYC, I have access to some of the finest tools in the trade.

I have a Smartphone, specifically an iPhone 7 with external batteries. It does everything from 911 dispatches to criminal background checks and I can access video in real-time. I love the crime-pattern-recognition software and the technology that identifies, records, locates, and reports gunshots. I can also use it to fill out some summonses, accident reports, aided cards and domestic violence reports.

My trauma kit includes synthetic rubber Nitrile gloves, a pressure bandage, emergency tourniquets, and QuikClot, a hemostatic device that stops bleeding significantly faster and more effectively than standard gauzes.

I tossed my bulky rain boots and now have Converse fleece-lined rubber shoes on hand for inclement conditions. They are water resistant and keep my feet warm and dry during rain, snow, and those totally unexpected mud pits.

And of course, I have body armor, a Taser, a body camera, a canister of pepper spray, a military grade flashlight and my Glock 19 with extra ammo.
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Re: Week 2 - Creative

Post by Aurelia West » Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:49 pm


Hmm, I don’t think I would need much in order to merely survive. I have often been found in a soldier’s uniform that has managed to keep me warm in the winters. It has also served me well in my training so I would say it is quite the necessity. I also cannot be found anywhere without my sword, as it is my main form of protecting myself.

As it’s difficult to predict where I may end up while fighting in various battles, I think it’s also important for me to carry a small cooking kit with me, much akin to the sets that modern humans take with them on camping trips. Lastly, I choose to take my very special hair comb with me as it reminds me what I’m constantly fighting for. The days can get long and strenuous, but as long as I can remember why I fight I can keep going.

To live however, I would need very different things.
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