Week 2 - Scenario

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Week 2 - Scenario

Post by Sky Alton » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:00 am

You stand in the mysterious room, swaying slightly after the vestiges of your greatest fear have vanished from around you. Just as you’re about to turn and exit rapidly through the door, your surroundings change again. Now you’re in a narrow, bare stone room… With a barred window. You gaze at the night sky through the narrow gaps. Have you been captured? Or arrested? More importantly: what do you do?

Faced with this situation, how would your character act? What memories or assumptions might come back to them? Would they try to escape? Or would they face whatever and whoever caused them to be here? Let us know in 100 words or more.

For the chance of a score bonus for this task, please pick 2 (two) of the following prompts and include them in your response. Place brackets around them when they appear in the text and note which you chose at the bottom of your submission. These items will have a value ranging from zero to 30:
  • A past accomplishment
  • A coin
  • An Item of Food
  • A sign
  • An item of furniture
Note: You can include any of these if they come up in your response, just make sure the ones you’re picking are marked with brackets.

For 10 points and a boost of 100 to your character score (plus your potential bonus, please email your response to hol.characterclash @ gmail.com (without spaces). The deadline is 11.59 PM HOL-time on October 14th
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