The History of the Word

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The History of the Word

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:04 am

A couple of years ago, Tomes and Scrolls (a publishing company specializing in rare books, ancient texts and books on history) approached us to write a book that tackles minutiae in the wizarding world. We agreed to help, and evidently we did a good job, because just the other day they approached us again with another request. They want to make an exhibit about the History of the Word, both wizard and Muggle, and they'd like us to help them out. We did lots of research and found out that basically books are but collections of methods of different kinds of communication which have been put into a specific format.

But - what is the history behind it all? How did this happen? Was it different for Muggles compared to wizards? When did books start? When did the methods of writing down communication start? Indeed, when did any form of communication start between people and what form did it take? Did the history of communication between wizards skip a couple of steps that the Muggles used, or vice versa (with the wizards using something which Muggles aren't even aware of)? We looked into this and found a wealth of history of the methods and means of communications which dates back tens of thousands of years! We hope you find the same degree of excitement that we did, when you do these tasks for History of the Word, and when the activity is all compiled we can present our complete findings to Tomes and Scrolls to help their exhibition be of the very best quality.

Four weeks of immersing ourselves in the complexity of history starts July 2nd. We will have 3 tasks a week, two Muggle based and one wizard based; they will include creative tasks, puzzles and essays. You don't need to sign up to participate. Even if you miss the first or even second week, you may join in!

Submissions for tasks will be emailed to the Book Club and then posted in their respective topic after the deadline passes.


Each task is worth 10 House points, for a possible total of 120 House points earned in this activity. Should an incorrect puzzle solution be submitted, you will be given the opportunity to redo it, however, you will earn fewer points for that task. The points you earn will be added to your account when the Fall 2018 Term starts. (During school holidays the HOL database is closed for house points and quills.)

In addition, there will be two awards offered:
Word Historian - Image - for completing at least half of the tasks (6 or more) and
Word Historian Extraordinaire- Image - (for completing all 12 of the tasks).

July 2: Week 1 starts (tasks due 11:59pm HOL time on July 8)
July 9: Week 2 starts (tasks due 11:59 pm HOL time on July 15)
July 16: Week 3 starts (tasks due 11:59 pm HOL time on July 22)
July 23: Week 4 starts (tasks due 11:59 pm HOL time on July 29)

Note: Should you rely on assistive technology or have other any needs that should be taken into account, please send an email to hol.bookclub @ (without the spaces) and we'll provide an alternative task for you (still keeping it within the theme and close enough to the original task).
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