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Discussion One- Lesson/Assignment 2

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:17 am
by Amanda Summers
1) Do you think that Auror history may have gone back all the way to the dawn of time? do you think perhaps they might have been some kind of squad or group of trained wizards to take on dark wizards? History only of Auror only dates back to the 1970's when Voldermort's supporters were just starting to come out. Was he the only dark wizard of all time? Was the wizarding world intact before Tom Riddle turned dark? (5 points)

2) Do you feel Auror's should hold a rightful name to the Wizarding World? should we bother with the long grousam training when look what Lord Voldermort has caused even despite the Auror's fighting for protection of all Wizards and Witches? (5 points)

Here it is remember to earn full points each must answer each question, and also replying to others will generate discussion.

Re: Discussion One- Lesson/Assignment 2

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:16 pm
by Iverian Gnash
1) Definitely! I think that there’s been good an evil for as long as time has gone on. With that, there have always been people who are willing to stand up to the Dark and those who want to harm others. I don’t believe that there was a particular group of people labeled “dark wizard catchers” or anything but there were definitely small groups of people who would ban together at times of need to defend themselves and others. Well, we know there was Grindelwald, so Lorrd Voldemort was definitely not the only dark wizard in history, but besides Grindelwald, I’m sure there were at times evil people who wanted to harm others as there always have been. To answer the last question, I don’t believe the Wizarding world was entirely intact at all before Lord Voldemort. As I previously pointed at, there was, of course, Grindelwald and before that others who would turn the Wizarding world into chaos.
2) Yes, I believe that Aurors should hold a rightful name to the Wizarding world. They defend us every day. I believe that we should put aurors through the long training in times of mostly peace, but when we are in a war, our aurors need to be trained quicker than usual, so they can’t go through the same training that everyone else goes through.

Re: Discussion One- Lesson/Assignment 2

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:19 pm
by Maude Rudd
1) Aurors must have gone back to the start of time of wizard and Witches. Due to the fact Dark Arts Magic has been around. Wizards or Witches have hurt others since dawn of Wizarding. There was at least a group of wizards and Witches that wanted to keep the peace and fight Dark arts magic. There was Grindelwald earlier menace laying foundation starting in the 1940s for 1st Wizarding war with using Dark Arts to terrorize/take followers. Grindelwald was born in 1880s and was around until at least the 1990s. Tom Riddle was born in 1920s. He lived until the 1990s also. The Wizarding World has always had someone trying to win followers or control others, take over the Wizarding World. Tom Riddle turning dark did seriously made harder work for Aurors. Wizarding worlds always had to keep its eyes out for dark magic or dangers like Fantastic Beasts. The Dark Lord in 1970 was the cause of the first Wizarding war. He tried to divide, terrorizing, killing and attempted a over with his followers. Aurors helped fight back.

2) I believe Aurors should have a rightful place and name in the Wizarding World. The extremely work hard,putting own lives at risk to save other Wizards and Witches. Some see Aurors with a great prestige, while others like Newt Scamander, have some disapproval of Aurors for quite a long while. Indeed the long training is crucial to the Aurors Career especially because it’s dangerous. There’s always going to be someone trying to take over the Wizarding World or hurt others with dark magic to control. Aurors cant rush into the career, long training is worth it; definitely after what Dark Lord did.

Re: Discussion One- Lesson/Assignment 2

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:26 pm
by Maude Rudd
Iverian, you make great points here. There’s always been good and evil. Thank Merlin’s beard for good people standing up to Dark Wizards. It takes a special type of person to commit to Auror. Diligence and hard work isn’t all it’s about from my studies it seems a strong character to always do what is right.