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Tournament Schedule

Postby Will Lestrange » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:11 am

The participants have been divided into two groups of five people each: Group A and Group B. Over the next five weeks, each participant will play everyone else in their group once. The top THREE teams in each group will make the playoffs (each group's winner will automatically advance to the semifinals).

Group A
Will Lestrange
Darcey Goode
Alexander Brighton
Kendra Givens
Kierson Titus Cody Lewis

Group B
Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
Shiloh Adlar
Austin Ollivander Black
Emma Borg
Shadow Gaunt

Week 1 [1/21-27]:
Shiloh ~o~ vs Austin (forfeit) Sun 1/21 8P HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Emma vs Shadow Mon 1/22 9P HOL (ended in a draw) (Ref: Cody)
Alexander vs Kendra Tue 1/23 11:30P HOL (ended in a draw) (Ref: Scarlet) - delayed 30 minutes as per Kendra's post
Will vs Darcey ~o~ Sat 1/27 10P HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Byes: Kierson Cody, Scarlet

Week 2 [1/28-2/3]:
Scarlet ~o~ vs Shiloh Tue 1/30 6P 7P HOL (Ref: Cody)
Kendra vs Kierson Cody ~o~ Wed 1/31 1A HOL [Tue 1/30 in US time zones] (Ref: Scarlet)
Austin (forfeit) vs Emma ~o~ Thu 2/1 10P HOL (Ref: Maxim)
Scarlet ~o~ vs Emma Wed 2/14 6P HOL Thu 2/1 10:15P HOL (Ref: Maxim)
Darcey ~o~ vs Alexander Fri 2/2 10P HOL (Ref: Shiloh)
Byes: Will, Shadow

Week 3 [2/4-10]:
Scarlet ~o~ vs Austin (forfeit) Wed 2/7 5P HOL
Shiloh ~o~ vs Shadow (conceded) Thu 2/8 7:30P 8P 8:30P HOL (Ref: Scarlet)
Darcey vs Kierson Cody ~o~ Fri 2/9 10P HOL Sat 2/10 9P HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Will ~o~ vs Alexander Sat 2/10 6P 11:30P HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Byes: Kendra, Emma

Week 4 [2/11-17]:
Austin (forfeit) vs Shadow ~o~ Mon 2/12 8P HOL
Will ~o~ vs Kendra Tue 2/13 Mon 2/12 1A HOL [Mon 2/12 Sun 2/11 in US time zones] (Ref: Katelin)
Alexander vs Kierson Cody ~o~ Thu 2/15 11P HOL Sat 2/17 5P HOL (Ref: Scarlet)
Byes: Darcey, Shiloh

Week 5 [2/18-25]:
Scarlet ~o~ vs Shadow Sun 2/18 1A HOL [Sat 2/17 in US time zones] Sat 2/17 9P HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Shiloh ~o~ vs Emma Tue 2/20 7P HOL (Ref: Scarlet)
Will ~o~ vs Kierson Cody Fri 2/23 1A HOL [Thu 2/22 in US time zones] (Ref: Shiloh)
Darcey ~o~ vs Kendra Sat 2/24 5P HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Byes: Alexander, Austin

TIEBREAKER RACES (week of 2/25-3/3):
Group A: Cody (3rd) vs Darcey (2nd) vs Will (1st) - Sat 3/3 10 PM HOL (QB: Tarma)
Group B: Emma (1st) vs Shadow (2nd) - Thu 3/1 8:30 PM HOL (QB: Tarma)

Playoffs (after March 3)

Match 1: Darcey ~o~ (Group A 2nd place) vs Emma (Group B 3rd place) - Sat 3/17 5 PM HOL (Ref: Katelin)
Match 2: Shiloh (Group B 2nd place) vs Cody (Group A 3rd place) - Mon 3/19 10 PM HOL (being rescheduled)

Semifinal 1: Will (Group A 1st place) vs Match 2 winner
Semifinal 2: Scarlet (Group B 1st place) vs Match 1 winner

Final: Semifinal 1 winner vs Semifinal 2 winner

NOTE: When the top finishers in a division have the same records, the ties are broken as follows.

For a tie between two people, head-to-head records will be used.
For a tie between three people (or when the head-to-head is a tie), all three people will be set the same logic puzzle and seeding will be determined based on fastest solve time.

This is the same tiebreaker rule that has been used in the last two Snitch tournaments, though this is likely to be the first tournament where the logic puzzles are actually used!

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Postby Will Lestrange » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:53 pm

Below are the final standings for each group! TWO tiebreakers had to be completed for these to happen!

Group A
1-y. Will Lestrange (3-1)
2-x. Darcey Goode (3-1)
3-x. Cody Lewis (3-1)
T4. Kendra Givens (0-3-1)
T4. Alexander Brighton (0-3-1)

Group B
1-y. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (4-0)
2-x. Shiloh Adlar (3-1)
3-x. Emma Borg (1-2-1)
4. Shadow Gaunt (1-2-1)
5. Austin Ollivander Black (0-4)

-x: Clinched playoff berth
-y: Clinched division title
Last updated: March 3, 2018 at 10:32 PM HOL

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Re: Tournament Schedule

Postby Will Lestrange » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:19 pm

Even though the round robin matches have been played, there are ties that need to be resolved before playoff seeding is completed.

In Group B, Scarlet and Shiloh have already punched their tickets in as the #1 and #2 seeds, respectively. But Emma and Shadow are tied for the final playoff spot... and they tied in their head-to-head match too! So there will need to be a logic puzzle race between the two to determine who gets the #3 slot.

In Group A, things are even more confusing! We already know that Cody, Darcey, and Will, with identical 3-1 records, have the three playoff slots of the division. But the head-to-head matchups between the three are a complete Condorcet paradox with each Seeker going 1-1 against the other two! This means... you guessed it... another logic puzzle race needs to be scheduled to determine seeding!

Once the races happen, we can finally have our playoffs!

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Re: Tournament Schedule

Postby Will Lestrange » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:46 pm

The tiebreaker round has finally ended! In each round, a puzzle was prepared in advance (a different puzzle for each tiebreaker). The winning times were as follows:

Group B - Emma Borg (9:26) [puzzle made by Will]
Group A - Will Lestrange (9:01) [puzzle made by Tarma]

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