Week 3-Writing Workshop

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Week 3-Writing Workshop

Postby Sky Alton » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:00 am

Clarabella Tangleweed, prolific author and darling of the wizarding literary scene, strides into the Writer’s Workshop, her amethyst silk cloak billowing behind her. She walks the length of the room three times, claps her hands and comes to a swirling stop at the centre. You wait eagerly for your literary hero to speak her first words of wisdom.
“A broken falcon quill, two sickles, a peppermint toad and a scrap of parchment.”
You stare at her in blank disbelief.

Clarabella isn’t crazy. She’s introducing you to a clever technique for devising a character. Start with a list of random items (5 is plenty) someone might carry in their pocket. Then, take each item in turn and think about what it says about that person (you might even include the garment the pocket is part of). What fact or facts might each reveal about their life? Once you’ve considered all that, try putting this character into a scene; it doesn’t have to be complex, maybe just their thoughts while walking home or waiting for a bus.

For 10 points submit all 3 stages of this exercise: the list of objects, what they reveal about the person who owns them and your attempt at a scene. All of this must come to 150 words or more to earn full points. We’ll be sharing all the exercises here after the deadline-if you’d rather yours wasn’t posted publicly, just let us know in your email.

Please send your exercises to Clarabella care of hol.bookclub @ gmail.com (without the spaces) with the subject-line ‘Week 3-Workshop-HOL ID’ by 19th November, 11.59 PM HOL-time. She can be very pernickety so please remember to include your HOL name, ID and house in the body of the email!
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Re: Week 3-Writing Workshop

Postby Prof. Amy Lupin » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:31 pm

Submissions received from:

Bull J. Johnson
Gail Allen
Maxim Trevelyan
Polaris Black
Prof. Gustavo Flores
Shiloh Adlar

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