HLF: Trading Post

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HLF: Trading Post

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:58 pm

Should you wish to trade any of the books you've bought from one or more of the stalls at the Hogsmeade Literary Festival for galleons or other books or some combination of the two, post below!

I'll be keeping this thread updated with details regarding open and closed trades. I'll most likely be cleaning this thread periodically of older posts (but only once they have been resolved one way or another).

Open Trades
  • Kim Alting
    Looking For: The Healer's Helpmate
    Offering: Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science/The Monster Book of Monsters & The Invisible Book of Invisibility (alternatively: The Noble Sport of Warlocks and/or Modern Magical History)
Closed Trades

None as of yet

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Kim Alting
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Re: HLF: Trading Post

Post by Kim Alting » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:48 am

I am looking for:
The Healer's Helpmate

It was sold in Florish and Botts last week. I want to become a Healer, that's why it is essential that I have this book!
It cost 5 Galleons, it's market value is 10 Galleons.

For the same market value, I can trade for:
- Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science (7 Galleons) + The Invisible Book of Invisibility (3 Galleons)
- The Monster Book of Monsters (7 Galleons) + The Invisible Book of Invisibility (3 Galleons)

I also have:
- The Noble Sport of Warlocks (5 Galleons)
- Modern Magical History (1 Galleon)

Please help a Healer-to-be out.
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