March House Spirit Awards

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March House Spirit Awards

Postby Felicia » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:07 am

With a firm and quite loud smack Felicia placed the last assignment that was due for her HP Astronomy class in her done pile. The noise startled Vinny, her owl, who gave a noisy hoot as if to let Fels know she just disturbed his nap.

“Hey! At least you’re able to nap. Belle has me going crazy keeping me on top of all my assignments. Every time I want to take a break, she gives me one of her looks and well… it’s just like when we were newbies.” Felicia scolded the bird as she tossed him a small owl treat that he caught gracefully. “Well, if you can get a treat for napping, I deserve one for all this … stuff,” she told Vinny as she took a Godiva chocolate out of the tin on her desk. As Felicia nibbled on her treat she leaned back in her chair and tipped her head back to release the tension in her neck. After a minute or two Felicia tipped her head forward, her chin resting on her chest, when she finally opened her eyes she spotted a rolled up piece of parchment on the floor. She rolled her chair back and reached down to retrieve the parchment. Her eyes opened wide when she read what was written on it.

“Merlin’s Beard!” Felicia exclaimed she rolled back to her desk and started rummaging for something. A moment later she had a newer, flatter, piece of paper in her hand.

“Vinny, get over here,” she ordered her owl, who hooted at her again, but flew over to the desk. Felicia rolled up the parchment, tied her signature red ribbon around it and tied it to Vinny’s leg. “See that Tarma receives this quickly." Vinny nipped Felicia knuckles before he spread his wings and took off to find Tarma.

“Darn bird,” Felicia whispered as she brought her knuckles up to her lips and looked down at the parchment that was a copy that she just send off with her owl.

This is what the parchment said:

March Hufflepuff House Spirit Awards

House Spirit Award - to Marcie Hobber for her many years as Hufflepuff’s Quidditch Captain and staying committed to Huff while dealing with occupation, schooling and housing changes in her life.

Reserved Badger - to Prof. Cosmo B. Mott who does a lot and I mean a lot of secret, quiet and not seen types of things here for Huff. She keeps her bot going for our Quiddy players and others to practice and hone their skills. She keeps Hufflepuff from going “poof”, or getting it back for us when it does. Not to mention the help she gives when folks run into some sort of problem on IRC.

Badger Cub - to Kaitlyn Nightingale who joined Hufflepuff in September and as joined in the fun wherever she could. She’s active in the Sett, participating in the HOL Book Club, and she’s even botting!

Bright Badger - to the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team and the Spiffies - earning 400 points (that must have been one heck of a Quidditch game). And to an individual badger, Sirius Fudge who brought 265 to Hufflepuff this month.
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Re: March House Spirit Awards

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:19 am

Well done, Marcie. So you didn't get a Spiffy Spiffy award, eh, because you refused? We got our revenge on you ... and this was all before you refused it too.

Good job, Cheeky One. You keep a bot going for us and for all the school -- and do other stuff. <3

Kaitlyn ... I know you are sort of shy and we're sorry (not sorry) to show folks we value you.

Seriously, Sirius. You're sort of awesome. *remember to give me the beans you promised for saying that in here, right?*

As for the Spiffies ... :wub:

note: I want an owl like Vinny!
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Re: March House Spirit Awards

Postby Kaitlyn Nightingale » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:49 pm

Thanks Prof. Fels and Tarma! It means a lot!
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