Awards, Awards and more Awards....

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Awards, Awards and more Awards....

Postby Felicia » Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:37 pm

ok... usually I give you some sort of story... put we are backlogged with awards to give out and I just want to get them up so the awards can be given out .

So here goes...

HSA - Ivelisse Ada
Badger Sett-er -- Kim Alting

The Bright Badger for MARCH is Riliey Starshine with 152 points

Bright Badger for April --- Arlynn Cassidy Hufflepuff First Year 241 Points

Bright Badger for May -- Riliey Starshine with 307 Points

HSA - Maxim Trevelyan
Bright Badger for June is Ivelisse Ada with 2065 points added to her folder in this month.

Hungarian Horntail Spring 2016 Term!
Ivelisse Ada

Scholarly Badger Awards
1 - ma1876 Maxim Trevelyan
2 - as1036 Astaria Rivers
3 - me1126 Meredith Malkins
4 - iv823 Ivelisse Ada
5 - ri866 Riliey Starshine
6 - el703 Elizabeth Clearwater
7 - none
Post Grad - ma658 Marcie Hobber

Bright Badger - Professor Edition Spring Term - pr_tar Tarma

The 100 Club
1 ri866 Riliey Starshine Hufflepuff Fifth Year 4097 Points
2 iv823 Ivelisse Ada Hufflepuff Fourth Year 4068 Points
3 pr_tar Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Hufflepuff Professor 3554 Points
4 ma1876 Maxim Trevelyan Hufflepuff First Year 3484 Points
5 si926 Sirius Fudge Hufflepuff Fifth Year 2933 Points
6 he1074 Hermione Brontë Hufflepuff First Year 2728 Points
7 ar1226 Arlynn Cassidy Hufflepuff First Year 2721 Points
8 al1561 Alex Sparks Hufflepuff Fifth Year 2461 Points
9 me1126 Meredith Malkins Hufflepuff Third Year 1918 Points
10 je1206 Jellicle Moon Hufflepuff Fourth Year 1856 Points
11 li1298 Lila Rook Hufflepuff Third Year 1670 Points
12 ra686 Ravariel Aiwince Hufflepuff First Year 1668 Points
13 ca1385 Cassie Walker Hufflepuff First Year 1642 Points
14 ha1162 Hanna Inari Hufflepuff First Year 1246 Points
15 huff Hufflepuff Team Points Hufflepuff 1200 Points

The 4,000 Pointer
4 ri866 Riliey Starshine Hufflepuff Fifth Year 4097 Points
5 iv823 Ivelisse Ada Hufflepuff Fourth Year 4068 Points

I know the 4,000 Pointer has been posted elsewhere but I wanted to list it with the End of Year Awards here.

Congratulations to all the award earners!

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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Awards, Awards and more Awards....

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:47 pm

I've heard of that Ivelisse ... isn't she called Bauble? Or something like that? She got the House Spirit Award. Oh, look, she earned over 4,000 points. Hmm. Kim Alting -- I've heard of Kim, too, she's always doing stuff at the Sett. Doesn't she do something with HOLLERS, too? Well done, Meredith!

Bright Badgers -- Riliey, Arlynn. Riliey again. Gee, her name is popping up a lot. Oh, she earned over 4,000 points too!

Never heard of that Maxim person. Thought his name had something to do with .. Angelina Jolie? No? Hmmm. House Spirit Award went to him? Hmmm. There's Bauble again, with a bunch of points! YAY!

Oh, look, Bauble got the Hungarian Horntail. That must mean she is a Badger's Badger?

Nice to see all those Badgers in those years with bunches of points. Maxim, Astaria, Meredith, Ivelisse, Riliey, Elizabeth and Marcie. :) Hey, looks like we'll have some 7th year Badgers for our coming up school year. :D

Silly Tarma. Doesn't she know that her points don't go towards House points?

Ah, those 100 Pointers. Folks who bring in the points on a regular basis. YAY! Thank you, Riliey, Ivelisse, Tarma, Maxim, Sirius, Hermione, Arlynn, Alex, Meredith, Jellicle, Lila, Ravariel, Cassie, Hanna and Spiffies!
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Kim Alting
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Re: Awards, Awards and more Awards....

Postby Kim Alting » Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:57 pm

Oh, I won a shiny award! Yay for me.
Congratulations to all other award-winners. :lol:

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Sirius Fudge
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Re: Awards, Awards and more Awards....

Postby Sirius Fudge » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:20 am

Congratulations, badgers and HOLers! Well deserved awards!

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