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Postby Emma » Thu Jul 07, 2005 2:37 pm

Just a few reminders from the HOL Handbook about spam and netspeak so that the forum remains readable and enjoyable for everyone :)

Spam can be a lot of things:
Useless or pointless posts, especially anything whose sole purpose in life is to hike up your post count to get a broom, one word post, multiple one word posts, simple "I agree" posts, creating new threads on subjects which are already discussed in another topic, discussing your broom, your lack thereof, the arrival of your new broom... all that is considered SPAM, but is by no means an exclusive list. Having a huge signature is also considered as spamming, as well as using colors/size which are not appropriate. Spam is a waste of bandwidth which costs money, so please make efforts :)
If you're not contributing anything to the discussion, don't post! You may lose points for it. At the very least, you risk irking your fellow schoolmates and professors, spam is annoying. Remember that we are managing over 3000 registered students. Keeping the chaff (SPAM and junk) down will help ensure the grain (good discussion) doesn't get lost in the jumble.

Netspeak is not allowed in the forum, and your post will be deleted if you use it.
Netspeak is like: "hello plz hlp me wit sumtin' ppl", "c u", "u r 2 b...". It also includes all caps posts.
It makes you look stupid and uneducated and is also hard to translate for HOLers who don't use English as their first language, and there are many. Please write the entire words. It doesn't only show you are intelligent and respectful, but it also makes it easier and more enjoyable to read for everyone. I don't think you'd want to read HP books in netspeak :)

Click the image! (a piece of the fourth clue two-part puzzle)
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