Week 3: An enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone

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Week 3: An enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone

Postby Sirius Fudge » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:04 pm



"It was a mistake any wizard could make
Who was tired and caught on the hop
One piffling error, and then, to my terror,
I found myself facing the chop."

Activity Description:

Sir Nick had penned a ballad, detailing his end. It is now your turn to write a poem that will serve as a tribute to him. You can use any type of poem there is, as long as the number of lines is not less than 20. Please be reminded that the title of the poem, if there is, is not included in the required number of lines.

In addition, the HOL rules apply so be careful on the content of your poem.

Submission and Point Details:

You may post in this thread your own poem. For full 10 House Points, make sure to post them before October 21, 11:59 PM HOL time. One-half (½) of the total points will be earned if submitted after the above date.

If you decide not to push through with this task and switch to another, you will only get a maximum of ½ the points offered or 5 HP.

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Re: Week 3: An enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone

Postby Will Lestrange » Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:06 am

There once was a fellow named Nick
Who did not die from getting sick
But when he cast a spell
That didn't go well...
Lady Grieve mistook it for a trick!

Goodbye to his freedom and wand
It was time for justice to respond
He was sent to a cell
Because of his spell
To be banished to the great beyond!

He was to be beheaded at dawn
But his head stubbornly stayed on
It took forty-five trieswhat
before he was to die
Even then his head was not gone!

A small bit of sinew and skin
was what kept his head in
As Gryffindor's ghost
What excites him the most
Is cheering for his house to win!

[4 limericks = 20 lines]

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Re: Week 3: An enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:41 am

The names of Nick

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington
Don’t you ever mind your own death,
Since you never were a simpleton
Because you learned by heart Macbeth,
And recited it with heart and skeleton,
Until you gave your final breath.

You have always been a Gryffindor
A brave, proud ghost you are.
When in danger, the fear you ignore
And your enemies are sent far,
You leave them on the floor,
With no chance to write a memoir.

They call you Nearly Headless Nick
A name you don’t quite like.
When you hear it, you get sick,
“It would be better if I were Mike!”

No matter what your name is,
Your essence the same is.
Nicholas or Nick, I’m proud of you,
Happy Deathday to you!

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Re: Week 3: An enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone

Postby Vanessa Tilley » Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:33 pm

I apologize now for these seven haikus of grossness. I was NEVER good at poetry hence picking the shortest type of poem that doesn't have to rhyme. HAHA

Ode to Nearly Headless Nick

Nearly Headless Nick
A cut above all the rest
A great friend to all

You got a bad lot
All because of a bad spell
We all make mistakes

You just tried to help
Who wants to have crooked teeth
Lady Grieve did not

You were sad indeed
You were a gibbering wreck
But they did not care

On that horrid day
Your head took forty-five hacks
You are still attached

Hogwarts is lucky
You are a great Gryffindor
Al students agree

So all ghosts and ghouls
Let us raise all our glasses
Happy Deathday Nick

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Re: Week 3: An enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone

Postby Gail Allen » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:13 pm

Nick is a Gryffindor ghost
Who tonight is our gracious host
We raise our glasses to him
As they bring the musicians in

His death was a terrible one
Poor de Mimsy-Porpington
They cut off his head
But left a small thread

It still holds his head in it's place
And though he has the loveliest face
It's a shame that it's there
Such a dreadful affair

In the hunt he can never take part
Even though he would sure have the heart
And the courage to do it quite well
But sadly his head never fell

We wish you a happy deathday
May the food served be full of decay
And the wine moulded through good and well
So our hunger and thirst we may quell.

Thank you Cassie for the signature!

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