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Arianna Stonewater
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Harry Potter Go

Postby Arianna Stonewater » Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:52 pm

Unless you live under a rock, I'm sure by now you have heard of Pokemon Go, a virtual reality app that allows you to "catch Pokemon", visit Pokestops and battle gyms in the "real world".

Since this was released, many people have wished for their own versions, like "Chardonnay Go" and "Dragon Ball Z Go." Some super fans have even come up with prototypes of what these spin-off apps would look like.

Harry Potter-Go, or a Fantastic Beasts-Go have also been among many fan's wishlists. If this did exist, what kinds of things would you want the app to be able to do? Would you collect spells like in the original game boy games? Collect different creatures/treasures like in the original interactive Pottermore?

Oliver Strike
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Harry Potter Go!

Postby Oliver Strike » Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:33 pm

So I'm assuming many of you guys have heard of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, well I found a petition for a Harry Potter version of the game called Harry Potter Go. If this petition get 60,000 signatures, (as of now it has 58,875) Harry Potter Go might actually happen! If you interested, here's the petition link: (LINK REMOVED - Search for it on "thepetitionsite")
If you want Harry Potter Go but don't want to sign the petition, you can start using the hashtag #WeNeedHarryPotterGO

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Maxwell Shadow
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Re: Harry Potter Go

Postby Maxwell Shadow » Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:58 pm

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