Discussion #4 - Values and Wizarding Jobs

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Discussion #4 - Values and Wizarding Jobs

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:33 am

Dear students,
Here you can post your results of the values and wizarding jobs tests. Remember it is worth 10 points of your Assignnment 4:

Taken from the website:

As usual, when you are done with your tests, please go to our Class Forum (Click to go to the forum!) and share your results. Comment answering the following questions:
*Which were the prominent values that you got?
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why?
* Look at the suggested careers that your type of values has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not?
*Which was the wizarding job that you got?
* Are you comfortable with your result? Why or why not?
* Does the wizarding job that resulted from the test matches with the one you’ve been working this term? What do you think about that difference or similarity?
* Any other thought that you wish to share with us is very welcome!

IMPORTANT: Please justify your answers and make your post is at least 100 words long if you want to receive your complete 10 points. Thanks!

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Re: Discussion #4 - Values and Wizarding Jobs

Postby Prof. Saeir Darr » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:36 pm

Values Survey Results
Economic = 14
Theoretical = 13
Aesthetic = 8
Social = 5
Political = 8
Religious = 12

Yep, not surprised. I value efficieny and self-reliance, not a welfare state.
The other quiz said I would have Gringotts job. Absolutely not! Working at a bank is soooo boring!! I may be logical, but I actually hate numbers. I prefer word puzzles. Computer programming is like a language to me, it's not "math". Most career quizzes automatically think that if a person is "logical", they must like mathematics. This is definitely not true.
Even though I scored about the same in Economic, Theoretical, and Religious, Theoretical is the most interesting to me. I value the "discovery of truth" above all else. The three jobs listed in the lesson that most interest me are Professor, Spell Inventor, and Unspeakable. I want to study hard subjects and discover new things, especially if I'm trying to uncover the Truth about a particular subject or issue. It's fascinating and challenging.
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