Discussion #4 - Values and Wizarding Jobs

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Discussion #4 - Values and Wizarding Jobs

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:33 am

Dear students,
Here you can post your results of the values and wizarding jobs tests. Remember it is worth 10 points of your Assignnment 4:

Taken from the website:

As usual, when you are done with your tests, please go to our Class Forum (Click to go to the forum!) and share your results. Comment answering the following questions:
*Which were the prominent values that you got?
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why?
* Look at the suggested careers that your type of values has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not?
*Which was the wizarding job that you got?
* Are you comfortable with your result? Why or why not?
* Does the wizarding job that resulted from the test matches with the one you’ve been working this term? What do you think about that difference or similarity?
* Any other thought that you wish to share with us is very welcome!

IMPORTANT: Please justify your answers and make your post is at least 100 words long if you want to receive your complete 10 points. Thanks!

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Re: Discussion #4 - Values and Wizarding Jobs

Postby Will Lestrange » Tue May 01, 2018 6:22 am

Just as for the last two discussions, I took the tests twice: both in character and out of character. This time, I will focus on the answers in character and then briefly point out what changed when taking the results out of character.

In character, none of my values were particularly dominant, but three stood out as stronger than the others: economic and theoretical were tied at 14 and political was one point behind at 13. While I was surprised that theoretical was as high as it was (since I value knowledge mainly as a means to an end), it makes sense that I had no one dominant value... and that economic and political values made sense for me as power and utility are both important to me!

Plenty of careers focus on some permutations of those three values: Alchemist, Apparition Examiner, Arithmancer, Astronomer, Broom-Maker, Curse-Breaker, Head of Department, Herbologist, Journalist, Obliviator, Potioneer, and Spell Inventor come to mind. Of those professions, I'd probably choose Arithmancer, Curse-Breaker, or Head of Department as playing to my strengths... but none of them really fit me. I would argue that Quidditch Player (which fits none of my values, but then again my playstyle is fairly unconventional) or Unspeakable are much better fits for me - and in fact, I interned as an Unspeakable a year and a half ago (this was an internship facilitated by Professor Rorey Padfoot and her assistant, Arianna Stonewater)! That said, I would be willing to look more deeply into at least a few of the other careers to see if there's anything I missed.

The profession that the quiz gave me was Quidditch Player. Given that the Quidditch pitch was the first place I visited (after a quick look around the dungeons) when I started here nearly five years ago, this does feel like a comfortable profession for me for now. And in fact, most of the people who know me around this school (except of course for those who know me in-house or taught me in a few classes) will primarily know me for Quidditch: not only am I a captain of my house team, but I've served on the Quidditch Board for the past two years! That said, Quidditch players tend to have a fairly short career - with most needing to find another position after ten years (Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum went from being an unusually young player to an unusually old one in a mere two decades)! So while I'm comfortable with playing Quidditch after graduation, I'll need to look for proper exit opportunities for my 'real' career after my retirement! (And yes, this profession does match with the job I've been working this term: outside of coursework [including OWLs] and my in-house responsibilities as a Prefect, most of my time was spent on the Quidditch pitch: both as a player and a member of our school's Quidditch Board; I'd have to count my Quidditch Board role as the job I'm working this term.)

Out of character, my strongest value was actually social, at 14 points (which was my #4 value, only at 9 points, in character). My second strongest value was economic, at 13 points (this was also one of my strongest values in character; no surprises there). My two other strongest values from my in-character personality, theoretical and political, were my third and fourth strongest values, at 11 and 9 points, respectively. While I'm not surprised at where my economic and theoretical values lay out of character, I was shocked that my social value was as high as it was and my economic value was as low as it was. This gave a different set of jobs (looking for social and economic values only) of which the most interesting, by far, was Curse-Breaker (which should not be a surprise as it favored the only value that I scored high on and expected to score high on). The wizarding job quiz gave me Gringotts worker, which aligns well with Curse-Breaker (and with my Muggle training as well). I think the "wizarding job" preference underscores the starkest difference between my in-character and out-of-character personalities: while my Quidditch skills are an integral part of my in-character personality, I am not particularly athletic out-of-character!

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