Discussion #2 - Personality

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Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:29 am

Dear students,
Here you can post your results of the personality test. Remember it is worth 10 points of your Assignnment 2:

Taken from the website:

When you are done, head to our Class Forum (Click to go to the forum) and share your results with the rest of the class. Comment them answering the following questions:

*Which was the type of personality that you got?
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why?
* Which aspects of YOUR personality do you think were missing in the characteristics of the personality that you got?
* Look at the suggested careers that your type of personality has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not?
* Any other thought that you wish to share with us is very welcome!

IMPORTANT: Please justify your answers and make your post is at least 100 words long if you want to receive your complete 10 points. Thanks!


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Will Lestrange
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Will Lestrange » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:24 am

I have decided to take the personality test twice: both in and out of character. (I believe that Prof. Flores is most familiar with me in character as that is how I entered Mx HOL. For orientation purposes: out of character, I am a mathematically-trained professional in my mid-thirties who spent his youth moving around like crazy but has since settled down in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I believe that my in-character personality, which is more relevant to this class, is essentially a younger, idealized version of my out-of-character personality, so I will answer the questions primarily in-character).

OUT OF CHARACTER: ENTJ; "Extravert(12%) iNtuitive(50%) Thinking(16%) Judging(12%)" (the E, T, and J are "slight preference"; the N is "moderate preference")
IN CHARACTER: ENTJ; "Extravert(75%) iNtuitive(50%) Thinking(28%) Judging(22%)" (the E is "strong preference"; the N and T are "moderate preference"; the J is "slight preference")

I was not surprised at all to get ENTJ when taking the test, though I was surprised that my E score was as strong as it was. The type description seems to fit me perfectly: a key features of the self-description, "natural tendency to marshall and direct", would make absolute sense to everyone who has played Quidditch with me or seen me interact as Prefect (though it often leads to power struggles when interacting with those ranked above me). "The bent to plan creatively and make these plans reality" fits with my tendency for innovation (even as an "Ancient Twenty-Eight" pureblood). Being "larger than life", persuasive, and charismatic fits well with my ideals as well, though I wish I was even more charismatic so that people would naturally want to follow me! The description of being "decisive", "argumentative by reflex", and having an "icy gaze" sounds almost like the creator of the test knows me personally... for better or for worse.

About the only thing 'missing' in my personality from this description is the ability to learn quickly... but it's not like the test said I can't learn quickly, for that matter! (What it did said about how I learn - that I value what I can learn when the knowledge helps me solve a problem... and that I learn easier when things are presented in the right theoretical framework... does fit me perfectly, though.)

The list of careers given seem to have an emphasis on management, which fits well with my instincts and desires for leadership. (Out of character, I will even refer to my time on HOL as "leadership practice" that I can take with me into my out-of-character life!) Unfortunately the careers stated are all very Muggle-influenced, which is not a good fit for my character at all. In character, I'd say my favorite career is politics as it's where I'd have the strongest influence (maybe a high-ranking position at the Ministry... but not a figurehead position like Cornelius Fudge held as Minister of Magic, or Dolores Umbridge's Senior Undersecretary position for that matter). Out of character, computer science and software engineering best fits my mathematical skillset, but a management role in a non-bureaucratic structure (i.e. where I can make my own decisions) sounds very tempting too. I'd be willing to research the other jobs, though; after all, I might find a perfect fit that I hadn't thought of before!

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Scarlett Lacarnum
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Scarlett Lacarnum » Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:15 pm

Introvert(6%) iNtuitive(31%) Feeling(19%) Judging(19%)

Only the INTUITIVE part had a moderate ranking, the others were slight. It makes me wonder...if I had answered one (or a few) questions a little differently, would the result be different?

Reading the description from the lesson about INFJ I am inclined to agree. I'm not surprised with the result. At first I felt there were a few types that I could fall into and a few others that I felt were not me at all. I definitely look for originality and have been told I am quiet but powerful many times. :) I have to agree with the desire to have a meaningful career. I do have firm values and will not cease to defend them.

One of the things I think is missing for me is the fast-paced environment. I like to live and work in a non-routine setting ad non-stop city. I have no problem with adapting quickly wither. Also I love action and adventure and chase thrills. This wasn't reflected in the INFJ description but it's a huge part of my social life and leisure activities.

As far as the suggested careers go...I wasn't crazy about them. My favorite of the bunch would have to be healer. I've had no desires to be a professor, caretaker, musician or artist. I feel more suited for the careers under INTP and INTJ. So I will likely pursue one of those: Arithmancer, Astronomer, Herbologist, Potioneer, Wandmaker, Magizoologist. Although Healer did appear on these lists too so maybe that is worth looking in to. Interestingly enough, INFJ are known as "The Protectors" which fits a job I currently have working for Magical Law Enforcement.

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