Discussion #2 - Personality

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Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:29 am

Dear students,
Here you can post your results of the personality test. Remember it is worth 10 points of your Assignnment 2:

Taken from the website:

When you are done, head to our Class Forum (Click to go to the forum) and share your results with the rest of the class. Comment them answering the following questions:

*Which was the type of personality that you got?
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why?
* Which aspects of YOUR personality do you think were missing in the characteristics of the personality that you got?
* Look at the suggested careers that your type of personality has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not?
* Any other thought that you wish to share with us is very welcome!

IMPORTANT: Please justify your answers and make your post is at least 100 words long if you want to receive your complete 10 points. Thanks!


Celeste Rivet
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Celeste Rivet » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:44 pm

The personality type that I got is INTP. I completely agree with my results as I have found that the description and traits of this personality type are scarily similar to my own.
I am definitely more of an introverted person since I prefer to stay at home and read a book than attend a social gathering, the constant fear of failure is absolutely spot on (and it’s quite a horrible trait to possess), the pensive and detached tendencies are exactly my own as I often find myself being distracted from a topic at hand and rather lost in my own thoughts on some topic or other. Perhaps one part of my personality that I found missing was my more creative side as I often find it soothing to engage in an art or other to relax my brain from time to time.
The career choices are quite interesting, although the ones that I would say I like the most are the careers in Law and the Librarian career. For the latter I must say I adore reading and I thrive on books and the likes so spending my days around them would not be such a bad thing. I also love to debate people on certain topics and try to convince people of a logical aspect or conclusion so perhaps a career in Law would be well suited. I am willing to look into the other careers to find out what aspect about them I could easily maintain with my personality type.

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Olivia Thorneblood
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Olivia Thorneblood » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:37 am

Before I reveal my answer, I just want to say "Whew, what a test". I have not done one of these before. Anyway, on to my results. My Personality type is ISTJ. I must say I have to agree because of one word - Perserverance. My resolve to complete the task. If there was anything to add, I would have to say eccentric. I have previously taken classes about several of the options regarding employment. In RL, I have been in management positions.

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Katelin Ross
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Katelin Ross » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:16 am

I have taken several personality tests prior to this class, so I was excited to see what this test gave me as a personality type. While I was taking the test, the questions seemed familiar. I was pretty sure I have taken this personality test before, but I was excited anyway to see the results.

The personality test gave me the personality type ISFJ. According to the test, I am 38% introvert, 22% sensing, 44% feeling, and 41% judging. I agree with the introvert answer. I prefer to live my life indoors. I also agree with the sensing answer. I am very literal in my thinking, and I notice when little things change. I agree with the feeling answer. I tend to make decisions based on how I feel and what I believe to be correct. I also agree with the judging answer. I thrive in things being neat and organized, but I do not find that an easy task to accomplish.

I think the part that is missing from my personality type is my strong loyalty to my friends and family. The part of my personality that I believe to be a key piece of why I was sorted into Hufflepuff, should be a part of my personality type. Even though what I just said is not specifically stated, I think it is stated in between the lines.

I like the jobs listed for my personality type. I have always done caregiving jobs since I was old enough to work. My favorite career of all the jobs listed is Professor. In the real world I am a teacher and this is what I have always seen my HOL character doing post-graduation. I would like to research more on being a Healer, as that was also an interest of mine growing up.

I enjoyed taking this personality test, and I look forward to seeing what personality types my fellow classmates are given (and how they compare to the person I imagine them to be).

Thanks to my Secret Elf for the wonderful signature!!

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Shiloh Adlar
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Shiloh Adlar » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:11 pm

*Which was the type of personality that you got? I got the INFJ personality type.

*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why? I do agree with my results. Reading over the description for this personality type, I think it fits me very well. It says that INFJs direct their best efforts towards their job, and I feel like this is something that I do in both of my jobs and in my volunteer work in RL as well as the positions I hold here on HOL. One of my strongest character traits is the care I show for others which is attached to this personality type as well. I want the world to be happy and well.

* Which aspects of YOUR personality do you think were missing in the characteristics of the personality that you got? A part of my personality that I feel is missing from this description is that I find it very easy to understand large concepts. This is mentioned in a few of the other personality types, and it was mentioned throughout the test which I gave a strong yes to.

* Look at the suggested careers that your type of personality has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not? I am very excited for the careers listed under my personality type. My dream job, once I graduate from Hogwarts, is to be a Healer. I have talked about it since my first year because it is always what I wanted to do. In RL, I am also currently a caretaker as one of my jobs, and I absolutely love it. Not only am I in charge of medication management and meal planning, but I get to be around a wonderful lady who brightens my day just as much as I try to brighten hers. The other careers listed as a musician and artists, since I'm a dancer, I file that under artist, and I have been fooling around with my guitar that was gifted to me a few months back. I also play the piano. While I don't think I would go into these fields as a career, though dance was at the top of my list for the longest time until about 5 or 6 years ago, I certainly love to continue participating in them when I can. I don't know how I feel about being a professor, but I do want to study epidemiology which will, later on, include educating people on how to prevent the spread of disease and even potentially educating policy makers on what they can do to help out.

* Any other thought that you wish to share with us is very welcome! I read the personality type descriptions on the test site as well, and it's a little crazy how well INFJ describes me.
Shiloh Adlar, Sixth Year, Prefect, RQT Co-Captain
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Prof. Saeir Darr
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Prof. Saeir Darr » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:02 pm

I got INTJ which is what I expected. I've always strongly scored INTJ on any tests I take. But I think I have become less introverted over the years. After graduating college, life can be very, very lonely because it's hard to find peers your own age anymore to hang out with, which I think pushes people to act in a more extroverted manner just so they don't end up completely isolated. The rest of my INTJ scores are still ridiculously high and haven't changed.
I'm a female INTJ so there's also that. INTJ males are much more socially acceptable than female INTJs. So if you're female, you're probably pushed by social demands to act more "out of character" and become more extroverted. Stereo-typically for INTJ females, I ended up dating an INTJ male because those are the only males who can withstand an INTJ female and not feel the least bit intimidated or overwhelmed lol.
I'm a software engineer in real life which is also stereotypical of INTJs.
I'm already an HOL Professor so no surprises there either.
I would never have any interest in being a Healer. I can't stand blood 'n guts and disgusting bodily fluids and I hate needles. Astronomer and Potioneer would be ok, just not sure if I'm interested enough in those subjects or not.
Currently teaching: Magic on Ice: Figure skating!

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Shadow Gaunt
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Shadow Gaunt » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:51 pm

This is the first time I've ever taken a personality test.

*Which was the type of personality that you got? I got the ENTP personality type. Looking up at the responses I think I'm the only 'E' type.
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why? I partially agree but also partially disagree. I agree with the first and last parts. The first part is hat ENTPs are 'clever' and witty. I agree with that. Also, I LOVE to argue and debate, and it says that ENTPs love to debate. It also says that ENTPs have a perverse sense of humor and love cutting corners, especially in Reba to rules. That describes me quite perfectly. It also says that ENTPs have no patience for those who they perceive as unintelligent. Sadly, that is true and I often become snarky and scathing when those who I'm talking to start saying bad facts or information. At the end, the description talks about how ENTPs perceive the world as good, bad, or potential. That is quite true for me, however I have another type that I call "creepy". Finally, the advice the description says is to be straightforward with ENTPs which is quite correct. When talking to me, I wish for people to be straightforward or I become quite angry and irritated.
However, I disagree with the part of the description that talks about how ENTPs are optimists and are able to bond well with a close partner. I am not really an optimist, nor a pessimist. I believe myself a realist and stay with that belief for a long time. Also, I don't think I can be intimate with a partner, I am uncomfortable expressing emotions around other people.
*Which aspects of YOUR personality do you think were missing in the characteristics of the personality that you got? I think that an aspect of my personality is being spontaneous. I love the unknown and knowing that whatever you choose can do will have an impact on this world. Doing random things at random times and not having a schedule is a big part of my life. Chaos theory.
*Look at the suggested careers that your type of personality has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not? A suggested career is working in the Ministry of Magic or being an Arithmancer/Ancient Runer (?). I like them all, however I also feel that if I go to the Ministry of Magic I'll chose the department of education. In fact I wish that I got a professor as a recommended career.
Shadow Gaunt
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Resyarrina Elora
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Resyarrina Elora » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:47 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm Resyarrina Elora (re1091) First Year of Ravenclaw.

Just finished my personality test and my result is ESFJ and according to the lessons, I am being a part of The Caregivers.
I never has the test like this before but after reading the description, i agree with the result. The traits mentioned in the description really suit me well, but i have to said that i'm not always doing something good for the others, i'm not that good, sometimes i did bad. But I'm quite affectionate, outspoken, cooperative and active members in committees, and maybe because of this, i'm quite popular in my circle.
I don't really sure if i really able to creating harmony in the lacking environment, but i really do better when feel praise and i object to abstract thinking or technical subjects.
And I do like things that can affect others in a direct or visible ways so overall this personality suit me well.

I don't like to be Healer or Librarian, but actually teacher is my dream job, i mention in my introduction before that i think i want to become a teacher.
I love if I can go around the Wizarding World, teaching different school every year! That will be amazing!
Or.. if I become Ministry worker, i would like to try the International Relation. That sounds interesting too..
But I still feel that i need more consideration before deciding my future career in this Wizarding World so i really need to research more.

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Kezia Natasya
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Kezia Natasya » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:39 am

I got the result of INFP, with slight to no preference of Feeling over Thinking (3%). As a Feeling person, I don’t think I express my feelings that much, I’d like to show my Thinking side more. But, then again, I have slight to no preference of Feeling over Thinking. So I might be an INTP as well. But, a while back I took another test on another website, and the result was INFP. So let's take that as my personality.

Well, I pretty much agree with the result. If I can add something, then it must be that I always try to understand people and see things from different perspectives. I’m an idealist after all. I (try to) see the beauty in everything.

So, my personality type suggests some careers; writer, caretaker, professor, and musician. I can't say I don't like them, but they're not really my interests, except for writer. Writing has been my passion since I was younger. So, you can say that my favorite one is the writer. But many people said that writing is just a side job, so I will research more careers as the main one. I’d like to talk and work with other people, after all.
"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength."

Meredith Malkins
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Meredith Malkins » Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:35 pm

I've taken these a million times, this one was a bit different though. I usually get INTJ, but this time I got INFJ. Loved the break down: 47% Introvert, 72% Intuitive, 53% Feeling, 1% Judging.
It fit me. Honestly I switch between thinking and feeling anyway. I am definitely an ambivert with introvert tendencies. Intuitive, well I won't argue because it's true. But the last two I don't get, because part of making decisions for me is intuition, and for me that means listening to my feelings as much as the facts, it just depends on the decision being made. Sometimes organisation is necessary, and sometimes it's not (I often make a great schedule and then forget to stick to it). What I think is missing is that I am naturally inconsistent and I try to attain balance. I want to make deadlines and that, then my energy suddenly disappears. It's highly frustrating to be a hard-working person in a mind and body which appear to be running on a tiny battery! That's a big part of who I am.
Professor and Healer would both make great jobs for me, might look at caretaker, but I'm not so interested in the others because I am not creatively talented enough to make it a job.

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Patrick James
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Patrick James » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:08 am

*Which was the type of personality that you got? I got the ISFJ type. Usually I get the ISFP type.
*Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why? I agree and disagree at the same time. I agree with the fact that I don't "toot" my horn even if I do accomplish things as I don't ever think that I even deserved it; or just am not bothered about the reward aspect of it. Also I agree with the fact that ISFJs have good memory; as I have good long term memories (slightly debatable for short term ones). I do disagree with the fact that I only have personal loyalties; I'd say that I am loyal to both personal and institutional depending on the situation.
* Which aspects of YOUR personality do you think were missing in the characteristics of the personality that you got? The gripe I have with this type is that the ISFP type perfectly describes me as an artist, which I technically am because I play the guitar and the only way I can be on stage is with a guitar and definitely not without, unlike the ISFJ type. I also value every type of relationship regardless of the time period that I have got to know that person.
* Look at the suggested careers that your type of personality has. Do you like them or not? Which one is your favorite? Are you willing to research more about the other careers or not? I was quite surprised that one of the suggested career choice is computer science, and I'm actually in a computer science program at university, so that was good to see that my personality fits the career choice that I've made! I would be willing to research the graphics design and multimedia career choice as well, but the others require more social interactions and front-end stuff, whereas I prefer to be in the back seat and perform my task.

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Amanda Summers
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Amanda Summers » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:54 am

I got ENFJ personality type I would say some is me some maybe not so much. Some of the questions I felt I needed to answer sometimes or maybe but no option.

Extravert(6%) iNtuitive(34%) Feeling(22%) Judging(12%)

You have slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion (6%) Yes totally me
You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (34%)
You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (22%)
You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (12%)

This personality in reading the descriptions shows they would fit in social work careers, and education which is very similar to my life I studied education though currently work in digital marketing and PR. Overall as this personality says commutation is key which is big with me and also working with people both in education and my current job i work and deal with a lot of people. Part of me which this test did not pick it up much is that I care more for others than me sometimes as it shows in my feeling over thinking I take others problems and try to help I am always a helper and supporter especially with my family. The judging inst me I perceive more actually so don't agree their.

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Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Prof. Rorey Padfoot » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:47 pm

I will start with I found this fascinating!! I ended up being a ESTJ (#2 in the lesson). I sort of agree and disagree with this answer. I love to organize and find it a definite need in all things in life, but I don't necessarily have to be the one in charge either. I can and will do it, but I know there are people who must-be in charge and that's just not me. I'm happy to follow as well. Do to real life things, I'm not easily emotional driven, so because of that I think the test didn't capture that I can be compassionate, I just don't believe a bunch of random sob stories easily with certain people. I do like the suggested careers, those are all find careers to have and I could see myself doing some of them as well. I almost want to take the test again and see if I get a different answer, just out of curiosity. ^_^
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Alezxandria Lestrange
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Re: Discussion #2 - Personality

Postby Alezxandria Lestrange » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:08 am

The personality type that I received was, funnily enough, the rarest Myers-Briggs type, INTJ. Apparently, they only make up 0.8% the whole population. I thought that was pretty cool. Reading through the explanation of my results made sense. I feel like it fits me rather well. I am analytical, a problem-solver, eager to improve systems and process with innovative ideas. I enjoy logical reasonings and intellectual conversations. I despise small talk. I can come off rude even if I am just being matter-of-fact and honest. And, I most definitely feel forced inward in my own thoughtful study of the world. I feel as if the description missed that though we are highly attuned we can also be emotional. Though we are not ruled by our emotions. It doesn't mean we are robots. I do like the suggested personality type career choices that were suggested such as Healer or Magizoologist. I am definitely interested in learning more about other careers that are out there and would match my personality. Though personally, I really think a writer position would work for both my personality and self outside the personality type. I really enjoyed this lesson since I am really into Myers-Briggs.

Alexzandria Lestrange

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