Week 6-Awating Your Owl

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Week 6-Awating Your Owl

Postby Sky Alton » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:45 pm

Well, we’re getting to the end of the first month of term. How’s it going? What have you enjoyed most? Maybe it's your first lesson, a hilarious happening in your common room, a new skill you’ve acquired or something else entirely. What are you bursting to tell everyone at home about?

For 20 beans, Write a letter home or to a friend about your first month (or first month back) at school and post it below. Try to make it at least 100 words - you can either write it as ‘you’ or as your ‘Hol character’ if you have one. Deadline is, as ever 30th September
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Bull J. Johnson
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Re: Week 6-Awating Your Owl

Postby Bull J. Johnson » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:00 pm

Dear Mom,

Hi mom I haven't been home in a month. I bet you have missed me a lot. I'm doing great. Next month I'll be going to my second deathday party. I'm sure it will be fun. Only problem is going to be the food. I hope they remember that some living people will be attending. Anyway I can't wait to see you again. Remember that no matter where I am my heart is always where you are. Please also to remember to water Sally's remembrance flower. Man its been ten years or more and I still miss her. Anyway by for now.

With All My Love,
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Re: Week 6-Awating Your Owl

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:12 am

Hi A !

I hope you are having a great time. Yeah, that's code. You remember where we put the code book translations? I don't and so am making stuff up and hope that translates properly. Maybe I better forget about the translation. I don't think I can get into any much more trouble. First off, I hope this gets to you. I enticed the owl to the tiny window with some bread crumbs and he (she?) hooted when I said I really needed this to get to you. So I'm hoping that that hoot meant 'yes, I'll take it to him' and not 'ha ha ha no way'. ...

Right now I'm sort of locked into a tower. All it is is stone. Oh, there are some woolen blankets, yeah. And a pewter pitcher of water and a pewter mug. But it's a good thing it's still warm here at night. Well, warm is relative. The ice in the pitcher melts about sunrise. They say I have to stay in here until I figure out how to remove the permanent inking spell off the portraits. I think they can figure that out themselves, but just want to make a point. It wasn't intended to be permanent after all, right? Just sort of doodling on them and giving them moustaches and bears. No, that's not a mistake. Some of the portraits, my spell went a little wonky and instead of beards, there were added bears into them. I thought it looked REALLY GOOD. But then the bears started chasing the people in the portraits and so now all the portraits on the second landing are filled with bears and the people which were in them are crowded into other portraits on other floors and NOW they are all complaining.

>.< So somehow someone figured out it was me who did it. (But the bears are awesome, you know?) At least they let me out a couple of times a day to eat and I can be doing my homework. Professor Sprout says that I might be let out by the end of October, or once they have rounded up all the bears, whichever comes first. Oh, running out of room on this piece of parchment and the owl has eaten all the crumbs so I need to finish. BYE. WRITE ME. ~ T
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Re: Week 6-Awating Your Owl

Postby Shiloh Adlar » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:38 am

Hello Mom, Hello Dad,

I know you've been worried about me after everything that went on last year, but I really am doing so well. I'm having a lot of fun, and so much has happened this year, things I did not realize I had been hoping for. I became a prefect! How amazing is that? I certainly did not expect it, but it was a dream I had from when I started as a first year. Oh, and I was promoted to quidditch co-captain. I know I talked to you both about quidditch a lot when I come home for the summer. This was something I never expected either, but I think a part of me did want it because when I was asked, I felt this overwhelming joy. And nerves. It's a very important position after all. I have to help lead my house team to victory and gain back the quidditch cup.

I've also made a lot of new friends, first years and a couple of second years I didn't have the chance to walk into last year. They are simply wonderful and fun to be around. They even joined the quidditch team. Can you believe it? They are quite good!

Something else, my owl Booker got lost over the summer. He never returned, so if he happens to show up at your place, please tell him that he is free to explore the world if he so desires. I understand. My cat, Mr. Mistoffelees also decided to run away at some point. I'm not quite sure what I did to make him leave, but honestly, I think he ran off chasing a mouse and got lost finding his way back. He's tough. He'll make it on his own. So when you dropped me off with my friends and we went to Diagon Alley for my supplies, I got a new owl and a new cat. I know we can only have one pet here, but the thing is, they came together. HootHoot is so talkative as well as Matroskin. I can't keep them apart. And then one day, I went to the Owlery to find them both talking to another owl, Archimedes. He has kind of adopted me, so I go to feed him when I can. He likes that.

I am rather busy right now trying to keep up with all of my homework and my list of things to do. Yes, I'm staying occupied at all times. There's never a lack of things to get done. That being said, I should get back to work. I hope this letter finds you well. Please visit my brother and let him know his sister is celebrating a very important event soon for a very important ghost here at Hogwarts, but really, I'll be thinking of and celebrating him.

Love you!
Shiloh Adlar, Sixth Year, Prefect, RQT Co-Captain
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Vanessa Tilley
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Re: Week 6-Awating Your Owl

Postby Vanessa Tilley » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:59 am

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hello! I hope this letter finds you both well. I am doing great! I love this amazing school! Guess what? I am a Ravenclaw! Go Eagles!!

I am enrolled in some pretty interesting courses. I was even lucky enough to be enrolled in Greek and Norse mythology classes. You know how much I love mythology. I joined a cooking class so the infamous kitchen fire won't happen again. Mom, they have a steampunl class!! It is a lot of fun and I know you would like it. Finally, I am in this interesting literature class about the female herione. That class has really made me think about female role models and female sterotypes.

You were both right that I would make friends here. It has only been a month and I already have so many!

They also have a lot of clubs and activities. I am part of the Book Club. We read Sabriel this month and it was amazing! There is also the HOLLERs where we do lots of puzzles and creative projects. They also have an art department so I can work on my drawing!

Well, I better try to get some sleep. They are having Ravenclaw Quidditch try outs tomorrow! I so hope I make the team. I love you both so much and can't wait to hear back from you.

Love always,

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