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Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:07 am
by Sky Alton
Orders of Merlin of various classes, prizes for brilliance in spell casting, Triwizard cups and even shiny shields for services to the school: the Harry Potter universe is full of magical awards.

Here on Hol we also have awards that go far beyond the fiercely contested House and Quidditch Cups. You can achieve them for exemplary or creative class work, earning most points, participating in activities, Quidditch, being an active part of your house and (as Aurelia mentionhs in one of this week’s tasks) joining in with our clubs.

So, for 10 beans tell us about the type of awards you hope to earn one day here on Hol. If you’ve already managed to snag some shinies, which are you most proud of? For another 10, tell us about the wizarding award you think you’d be most likely to win at Hogwarts and why. If there isn’t a suitable one in the books, make one up. Be as creative/silly as possible with your creations, please. Deadline is 30th September

Psst, if you haven’t seen it already, one of our Head Students is giving you a chance to earn an award for setting and achieving your goals for the year-Go here to see Maxwell’s reply with the updated 2017 criteria

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:14 am
by Will Lestrange
I don't think I won a shiny for it, but I'm probably proudest of winning the Snitch tournament in 2015! For actual awards I've won? The logic puzzle awards I won in fall 2013 were pretty nice, as were most of my Quidditch awards (though the matches I get MVP for do not tend to be the ones I'd give myself an MVP for, to be honest!)

But what awards do I want to win? This is year 5, so I want to win lots of OWL awards! "Outstanding" is a shiny I expect a few of, and "Top Paper" is harder to get but doesn't seem to be attached to a shiny... but I would love to get a few Top Papers!

The wizarding award I'd be most likely to win is "Youngest Successful Caster of Unforgivables" based on my prowess with those three specific curses from my first year. I fully expect to offer a class on the Unforgivables next year (AFTER most of my OWLs are a distant memory, of course)!

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:29 am
by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
So funny. And fun. I went to my student files to see which award leapt out at me as a WOW.

The one I really noticed, and feel very proud of, is the Race Finisher Award for Broom Race- The Race Across Sweden, created by and originally taught by Dom Gaidin. Image

I have two of them, one from each year I took his class. I wish I could have won it, sure, but to even finish those things that he made? Yes, I'm happy I finished them!

As for an award that I'd win at Hogwarts? I think I might get an award for Failing to Follow in the Footsteps of Fred and George because the Teachers Usually Caught Me First (except those rew times which we won't mention).

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:27 am
by Shiloh Adlar
I have two awards on HOL that I want to earn more than anything, and they're both Roost Awards. One of them was an award that I decided in my first year that I wanted to claim, if only to beat Kyrie on points, and that's the Ravenclaw of the Year Award which is given to the Ravenclaw student that receives the most points in the school year. The second award is the Rowena's Honour Award. That award is given to a Ravenclaw who honors their house in the highest way. I may never win that one because that's aiming really high, but I can make it a goal and get as close to it as I can.

The award I'm probably most proud of is my Quidditch MVP Award that I got in my fourth year. I was shocked that I even got it that game, and I can't even remember what it was for now. However, I am still very proud of it and always will be.

I think the wizarding award I would be most likely to win at Hogwarts would be the Herbology Award, and I would like to think the Medal for Magical Merit. I love to grow my own herbs and plants, and for a long time kept an herb garden. I sadly did not grow one this past year since I was gone so much, but I do buy live herbs and use those. I would like to think I would win the Medal for Magical Merit not only for my outstanding school work but for the extracurricular activities I would take place in such as quidditch captain, an herbology club, maybe a potions, arithmancy or ancient runes competition, and for helping out around the school when necessary. There is of course the Special Award for Services to the School, however, I feel like to earn that award, I would have to perform some heroic deed. I should never say that I would not be capable of such a thing, but how often does something come around (unless you're Harry Potter) that a heroic feat needs performed?

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:20 pm
by Robin Blackwood
I don't know many awards in HOL; but from these I know about I would like to earn some award connected with Quills (number of quills). I would also like to earn some house award (Gryffindor award) for doing something.
But my biggest interest is of course in classes and their awards; I hope that I will earn some awards at class by the end of this year before hoppefuly becoming second year.
I was amazed of some awards when I was checking fact sheets of some students and teachers. Headmaster's award seems tempting, altough I am not sure for what is it awarded.
Then quidditch awards are multiple, but I don't feel like playing quidditch at HOL.

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:16 am
by Bull J. Johnson
For me personally the HOL awards don’t mean anything. Its just not something I’m into. No offense meant to the people giving out the awards. I do like the hard work people do to make the awards. Its just nothing I’m into. Personally what I want to achieve this goal/award that I have made myself of 1500 beans, scales, hoots and points combined. The only catch is I can’t add other house activities when I total this stuff together. So far, I have not earned this, but I’m hoping this will be the year since book bingo will give me loads of beans.
One award that I might of gotten is the Award for Effort. The reason is I always try to go above and beyond what is called for in my classes in real life and HOL. In fact, that was the only way I could of taken all my OWLs in one year and not stop working on it, even though it took all of my free time that I had. Especially since I almost had none with work and school to get through and is the reason I’m not doing them over again even if that means I’m never going to be a Post Graduate.

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:18 am
by Sirius Fudge
Awards, for me, are bonuses, the icing on the cake. I don't desire them compared to how I desire points. Looking at my awards, I am most proud of the 4000 Pointer Award from Hufflepuff. This award is given to only 6 badgers up to date and I am proud to be one of them. I also feel proud of my Top Points Winner of the Month awards. Having earned more points than anyone that particular month is such a hard thing to do so I appreciate them in my shelf. Of course, any Quidditch-related award is a great thing for me because it means my hard work paid off in the game. And lastly, I find the Badger in Snake's Clothing award from the Slytherin house meaningful because I am not accustomed to a house aside from Hufflepuff giving me a shiny. In Hogwarts, the Special Services Award to the School is a good award to earn. I will be beyond happy if I earn that.

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:42 am
by Rowan Oswald
I do like a pretty shiny! Like Sirius said, it's like a bonus, more than something I chase after. So far, I only have one, the award for finishing the Summer Reading Challenge. I'm quite proud of it because although I used to be an avid reader, my ability to concentrate has diminished over the years and I have fallen out of the habit. I think the awards I would most like to win on HOL are Roost awards - Ravenclaw pride! And maybe a class award for effort or imagination.

At Hogwarts, I would like to win some kind of academic award, maybe for Charms or Transfiguration. I think I would also get the award for 'Most consecutive nights locked out of the Ravenclaw common room' because I am terrible at riddles.

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:17 pm
by Arianna Stonewater
I love my shinies! Probably my favorite awards are the Slytherin Awards, but I also love my Hufflepuff Diamond Hoarder award! I think my most cherished though will always be the A Lifetime Achievement Award, which was the first ever award I won on HOL for playing LIFE!

As far as book ones, I'd love to get a Special Services to the School award! I'd want it for discovering some cool/hidden part of the castle though, not for ratting out another student.

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:13 pm
by Austin Ollivander Black
I am proud of both of my awards but am most proud of my Wonderful Wingmasters Award as it was my first award and my fist Ravenclaw award.

I hope to win an Order of Merlin Award or any of the wonderful Ravenclaw awards.

The Hogwarts Award I would love to get is Outstanding Service to the School.

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:12 pm
by Kaitlyn Nightingale
I received 15 awards last year and I love every single one of them. But yes, I do have favourites! Awards from Hufflepuff always make me happier than awards for class work etc.
But I've only been able to get some "lower level" shinies in my first year here. That will change! There's a lot more to achieve on HOL than what I've done so far.
And I'd love to get some Quidditch awards!

At Hogwarts, I might get an award for a great effort in studying... Or perhaps one for the messiest room of all? Why not both?

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:27 am
by Vanessa Tilley
I have a couple awards already but the one I am most proud of is the Chatterbox award I received from Ravenclaw. I was/am so excited to be in HOL and I was so honored to receive this award from my fellow Eagles after only being on HOL for such a short period of time. I have already met a lot of wonderful people and I am honored to know they nominated and voted for me :)

I would honestly be happy to just receive an award. I would love to get an award for Quidditch and an Order of Merlin: Hard Work Award. I am going to do my best this year and just have fun. I will be happy whatever the outcome. :) I do believe, if I continue to work hard, I can get The Literati Award and The Ink Splatters Award because I love reading and art! I especially love being able to talk and see others works as well as talk to people about BOOKS!!!

Re: Week 4-Awesome Awards

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:12 pm
by Prof. Gustavo Flores
I do like earning awards because they look pretty in your Treasures and most importantly, because they remind me of the effort I put to earn them. Most of my awards are class awards and I love all of them. Of course, I also appreciate quite a lot when I receive a Ravenclaw because, like many of you, I'm proud of my house and I feel honored. Of all my classes awards, one of my favorite is the "Sarah Brightman Award for Musical Talent". That one is for the Musical Theatre classes. I'm proud of it, because earning it involved sharing my voice and sing, something I was self-conscious to do, but then I felt brave enough and managed to do it. I enjoyed it and I was rewarded with that award :) I also appreciate quite a lot my Book Club awards.

Regarding Hogwarts awards, it would be nice to have an especial one for Professors. An award that students give to recognize their professors. That would be quite nice and a honor to earn because it means that you are doing a good job!