Week 2-Classes

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Brighid Katz
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Re: Week 2-Classes

Postby Brighid Katz » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:48 pm

I signed up for:
Care of Magical Pets - I'm retaking this because i tried taking it several years back and didn't pass and i love studying creatures
Care of Magical Creatures - I'm retaking this because i tried taking it several years back but didn't pass and i love studying creatures
Dreamology 101 - because i want to learn to interpret my own dreams and i feel like this would be a good way to actually work on using my dream journal
Muggle Studies for Beginners - because even as a Muggleborn student i find the wizarding view of muggle studies to be fascinating :D
Steampunk 101 - this one just sounded interesting

I think the biggest thing about classes is schedule in your homework deadlines. Admittedly, i'm really bad at this myself : :mellow: But it's probably the best advice for anyone.
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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Week 2-Classes

Postby Arianna Stonewater » Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:14 am

i really thought i had posted this already, but apparently not....

When i look for classes I always look first at the homework. Is it due monthly, or all at the end? I prefer at the end of the year so i can work at my own pace, but i don't mind if one or two classes have monthly deadlines. I always take 5 classes because even if I don't pass, I'll still get points from assignments i do submit and some points are better than no points! Another thing I look for in the homework is the type of assignments. I'm not great at writing so i prefer puzzles and graphics. Are there multiple options to get the points, or do you have to do everything offered to get the full points?

When i'm deciding between classes, I'll message the professor to see if they'll offer the class next semester. If they aren't, I'll take that class and hold off on the ones that will be available next term.

Here is what I'm definitely taking:
-Ancient Alchemy
-Care of Magical Pets
-Treasure hunt

Here is what I'm still thinking about:
-Apparition License Class
-Auror Training Level One
-Broom Making
-Confronting Your Boggart
-Norse Myths and Legends
-The Battle of Hogwarts
-The Her in Hero

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Prof. Gustavo Flores
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Re: Week 2-Classes

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:40 pm

Picking classes this term was rather quickly only because I focused on re-taking the 5 classes I failed during the spring term. Due to that, Beyond Hogwarts, Tour of the Common Rooms and Wand-Making became my first choices.

I chose Beyond Hogwarts because I am intrigued by the subject! Being an educator, any topic related with schools and course plans, fascinates me, so learning about magical schools from all around the world is something I must know!

For Tour of the Common Rooms, one of the things that I loved the most when I read Harry Potter was Hogwarts of course, and how it was estructured in the 4 different houses we all know and love, so I want to know more about that.

Finally, Wand-Making was chosen because who can be a witch or wizard without his/her wand?? I managed to study a couple of lessons last term and I loved all the information provided! It is a fascinating subject, with so many things to learn and discover and that's what makes it so interesting!! Plus, Prof. Tarma is always very nice and precise with the feedbacks she gives, making you feel like she took her time to understand and grade your homework and she always shares her opinion.

I was expecting to see Potions back this term, but unfortunately it wasn't available :( I am also counting on Prof. Scarlet to teach Accidental Magic Reversal Squad next term!

So those were the 5 classes I failed. 2 weren't available so I still had that gap to fill. My choices were:

*Marvellous Musical Theater - Act 4: I have taken the previous 3 acts and LOVE the structure of the class. Musical Theater is one the things I enjoy the most, so it was obvious for me to take Act 4!
* Muggle Studies: Fandoms - Every term, I make a separate list with the classes that are Hogwarts classes, whether core subjects or electives, so that every term I take one of them, and this time Muggle Studies made the top of my list! :)

In order to succeed, I'm planning to start doing assignments every week, so that I don't stress to finish all of them by the end of term. If I do it little by little it will be better, I believe.

Regarding Hogwarts classes, my favorites are Herbology and Charms, and the elective is Care of Magical Creatures.

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Robin Blackwood
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Re: Week 2-Classes

Postby Robin Blackwood » Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:45 pm

This first term I am taking fove classes.
My first choise was Astronomy. It was mostly because it is full year class and it is quite interesting. I wanted to have at least one class which is from the muggle world.
Then I chose Charms. This class is so interesting and I enjoyed reading every lection (I already read them all). Assigment are also good. Maybe I chose this class because it is ordinary in Harry's timetable
Then we have Dragonology. I chose it because of dragons of course. It is interesting and very cool for doing assigments.
Care for Magical Pets. A little extraordinary and also interesting. I took it also because of beautiful classroom.
And at last. HOL orientation. It is obvious choise for first year and first year. I am sure that it will help me this year.

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