Off To School-FAQ and Questions

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Off To School-FAQ and Questions

Postby Sky Alton » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:02 am

Got any questions about Off to School? Check the FAQ below and if you still don’t have an answer, feel free to post below. One of us will get back to you ASAP

Q: What is this?
A: Off to School is basically a fun way to ease into HOL life, ready for the autumn term.

Q: What is there to do?
A: you can participate in our ice-breaker games. There will also be challenges like puzzles, quizzes and chances to get creative, all centred around Hol and the many and varied things there are to do around here.

Q: How do I participate in challenges and games?
A: Read each post carefully. Either you’ll be able to join in by replying, PMing the poster or by emailing your completed challenge to our dedicated email address, hol.offtoschool @ (Without the spaces)

Q: What will I get?
A: You’ll receive beans for participating. If you don’t know, beans are the currency of HOL. You can currently spend them on buying and feeding a pet, starting your wizard card collection by buying chocolate frogs or discovering your wand.

Q: Where is it happening?
A: This forum is our base and where we’ll be posting weekly challenges and discussions. You’ll also find Ice-breakers and challenges on each of the 4 house common rooms.

Q: Do I have to tell you I’m participating?
A: No, just jump in whenever you feel like it. All the challenges and games are open until September 30th, 11.59 PM Hol-time. Do as many (or as few) as you like and take your time.

Q: What’s this about chat parties?
A: We’ll be having Chat parties at the weekend. It’s a chance to play games, talk and for new students to chat to older ones about any questions they might have. Find out more in the info thread!

Still got a question? Let us know below!
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