Matilda - November Book Discussion

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Matilda - November Book Discussion

Post by Prof. Gustavo Flores » Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:28 pm

Image shows an open book. On the left side we read the title “Matilda” with colored letters and different typographies. Below, there’s a drawing of Matilda on a pile of books and holding one big book on her hands. On the right side it reads “HOL Book Club” with purple letters and below, the drawing of Miss Honey.

After travelling the Middle Earth in October, this new month we are going to settle down with a more contemporary story, Matilda by Roald Dahl.

We have provided a guideline for you to read during the month, but it is only a suggestion. You can read at your own pace and please feel free to post and discuss whenever you are ready. It doesn’t matter if it is every week or by the end of the month, simply share your insights about the book. We will love to read them and discuss them with you!

Our guideline is the following:

1-8 November: Chapter 1: The Reader of Books – Chapter 6: The Platinum-Blond Man
9-15 November: Chapter 7: Miss Honey – Chapter 11: Bruce Bogtrotter and the Cake
16-22 November: Chapter 12: Lavender – Chapter 16: Miss Honey’s Cottage
23-30 November: Chapter 17: Miss Honey’s Story – Chapter 21: A New Home

In Matilda the setting is common, the characters as well. No magical creatures or fantastic beasts appear. But still, a hidden talent can trigger many changes and magic can appear in so many unexpected ways! Are you curious? November is the perfect opportunity for you to find out!

If you are inspired by this story, let your imagination run wild and share with us your fanfiction work in Quill and Ink, or your artistic interpretations posting in Ink Splatters. We will be very happy to see your work!

Do you like our book discussions and would love to analyze your favorite book? Drop us an e-mail at hol.bookclub @ (with the spaces removed), with your book suggestion.

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