Sabriel, Chapters 16-23

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Sabriel, Chapters 16-23

Postby Sky Alton » Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:05 am

And we’ve reached chapters 16-23 of Sabriel.

We encounter a lot of dramatic settings in these chapters. Garth Nix has often mentioned how he loves pawing through travel magazines and how sometimes what he sees can find its way indirectly into his writing. Do you think a landscape that borrows from ‘real’ elements but puts a twist on them can be more effective than one that tries to be entirely original?

Remember to use spoiler tags to disguise specific elements of the plot so you don’t accidentally ruin it for anyone else.
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Re: Sabriel, Chapters 16-23

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:31 pm

Regarding Sky’s discussion question, I believe it helps when authors borrow from “real” elements. Afterall, we live in the “real” world so for a reader it is easier to make a connection with the things or events that s/he is already familiar with. Of course, authors that manage to create something completely different, out of nothing have to be praised and it is indeed admirable when they do that. Truth is, if that is the case, you have to be very descriptive to make yourself understood. It happened with this story, at first I didn’t understand how magic worked and the Charter marks and all of that, until I read a better description that helped me to understand.

About the events of the chapters, I liked to see some more displays of magic, like when Touchstone casted the arrow ward, or when Sabriel defeated the Mordaut, or when they casted the four marks (cardinal wards) when they finally found Father’s (Abhorsen) body.

My favorite chapter was chapter 18. It was interesting to know the story of Rogir (Kerrigor) , how he is related with Touchstone, and how he became corrupted. I really appreciate to learn moreabout the past of the main antagonist and I didn’t expect him to have a close relation with Touchstone.

I also liked chapter 23 and to read howKerrigor was “defeated” again. I really enjoyed seeing Sabriel and her Father working together as a team, fighting for the same cause, finally united. That made happy. To know that the antagonist hasn’t been completely defeated yet adds another twist to the story, and I have to praise Sabriel’s courage of accepting her Father’s death and accepting her new mission: going back to Ancelstierre and find Rogir’s body to finally defeat him.

I’m almost done with the book. I haven’t totally loved it but it has kept me entertained enough to continue until the end.

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