Week 3 Prompt

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Week 3 Prompt

Postby Sky Alton » Fri May 19, 2017 5:54 pm

Welcome to our third Friday foray into the frothing fountain of fancy.

Fittingly, we’ve got just over a third of the challenge left to go. That’s still plenty of time to either get started or catch up-I for one have got some serious writing to do next week. If you feel you could use a little something to spark off your creativity, then look no further. These prompts are designed to offer you a quick burst of stimulation for whenever the need arises. Don’t worry about posting anything or even using this now, just slip it into your story whenever you need something to kick start it again.

If you have an amazing prompt of your own to offer to help other people nudge their creativity up a few notches, then please email it to us at hol.bookclub @ gmail.com (without the spaces). Include your Hol name and ID as you’ll get 20 beans for your trouble.

This week’s bolt from the beneficial blue is…

Level Up
I want you to send your character back to school. Give them a chance to learn a new skill or piece of crucial information (or remember one they already know).

Perhaps they encounter something potentially useful but need to learn how to use it. Maybe those long forgotten childhood violin lessons finally come in handy. Something they heard earlier on in the story might even just have clicked. However you do it, the trick here is to make it seem natural. You don’t want your character to be bitten by a lesser spotted heliotrope platypus only for them to instantly cure themselves due to them now (inexplicably and with no reference to established backstory) being a leading expert on heliotrope platypuses.

If you aren’t writing a story, how about teaching yourself something new? Take half an hour off from writing to look up a new poetic technique or some interesting details about something linked to your main subject?
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