Creature Magic: What's Your Favorite Magical Beast?

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Creature Magic: What's Your Favorite Magical Beast?

Postby Shiloh Adlar » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:58 pm

With this incredible movie now out and another one releasing soon, I'm curious to know, what is your favorite magical beast?

I have a few that I find it hard to choose between. The first one that I really like is the snidget, and this is self-explanatory for those who know my love of quidditch and seeking and also have a knowledge of the history of the game. The snidget is the predecessor to the golden snitch. Snidgets are adorable little birds, and I hope that they don't go extinct. They're considered a highly endangered species still.

I also really like puffskeins. Again, I find them to be simply adorable, however, their counterparts, pygmy puffs, would make a good pet. I still want one.

And last, I really like unicorns. Unicorns are a symbol of pureness and I love that. I try to live my life in this manner so I can radiate love and kindness to everyone I meet. I think a unicorn symbolizes that for me.

I do have to add two more. After seeing the movie, I fell in love with the niffler and Dougal the Demiguise.

What about the rest of you? Any favorite magical beasts you wish to share with us and why?
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