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Postby Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:55 pm

Name: Battleship
Link: viewforum.php?f=509
Type: HOL-wide Activity
Date: January 2018
Organizers: Arianna Stonewater, Astrid Black, Gail Allen, Prof. Kyrie Adderholt

Which tasks did you like/dislike?
How well did you get along with your crew?
Any Battleship tactics that you are willing to share?

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Shadow Gaunt
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Re: Battleship

Postby Shadow Gaunt » Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:30 am

Battleship was amazing and super fun to participate in. I think I really grew closer with my teammates over the course of it.

What tasks did you like/dislike? I loved the creative tasks, drawing or creating. Some puzzles were also not so hard. And yet, in each round there was at least one task that made me want to bang my head against the wall.

How well did you get along with your crew? Amazing. Great. Wonderfully. Those are the words that I personally would use to describe that. Yes, there were a few miscommunications but it was mostly to all 4 of us not being able to take up a lot of time away from RL.

Any Battleship tactics you are willing to share? This only works for playing Battleship one on one. Create a checkerboard pattern across your board. Then, fire at all the checkers. That way most of the ships will sink. Now all you have to find are the one square ships (in some games) but since no ships can be next to each other, you have a lot less squares to go through.
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Re: Battleship

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:23 am

Which tasks did you like/dislike? * I like almost all of them.

How well did you get along with your crew? * The most wonderful lot of scalawags ever to sail the seas - YAR!

Any Battleship tactics that you are willing to share? * Have a person who knows where to place the ships! Don't look dangerous! Don't have such an obviously good time that others are jealous ..... :lol:

Basically, HMS Musketeer (Amy, Sky, Gus and me) evidently appeared to be so dangerous (and awesome) to everyone that we sort of got lambasted at the first and if it wasn't due to Amy's strategic placement of our ships from the get-go, we'd have been down in Davey Jones' Locker before you could say "Quidditch". We know why the rum is gone (and where it is)!
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