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December- Newsletter

Postby Joey Stark » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:08 pm

It's time for your very late December Newsletter! Newsletter is by BJ, lateness is entirely due to Joey :rolleyes:

So its the last month until its 2017.


These are the things that will be happening soon.

Slytherin are having Slythmas in the dungeons! The 12 days of Slythmas will be running until the end of December so drop in and have a look!

Hufflepuff are giving you a chance to earn diamonds with their Huffle HOLidays activities! What a wonderful gift.

Ravenclaw urges you to come and join in with Rowena's Wheel, come try your luck and have a spin!

Gryffindor have spent the month searching for an Assistant Zoologist. Head over to their common room to check the results!

Plus we are gearing up for a Ilvermorny School Event. So go get sorted at Pottermore now.

Why not check out the book club and take part in the WINTER READING CHALLENGE!

Also remember that the newspapers of all houses as usual are looking for participation.
You can still submit to the:

Paw Print (by Dec 18)

SerpenTimes (by Jan 15)

Oh and look out for the upcoming edition of the Alte!

On top of this quidditch is going on so come support your team!

Hufflepuff battled Slytherin valiantly on the 10th of Dec but look out for the 17th where Ravenclaw will play against the Gryffindor team. Come cheer your housemates on!

Also don't forget New Year resolutions. :)
Credit to Maxim! ^

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