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November Newsletter

Postby Polaris Black » Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:49 pm

Do you believe it's November already? :o


Gryffindor: It’s Purple Month for lions and Kim tells me a Fantastic Beasts event open to all HOLers is planned!

Hufflepuff: I can’t say this better than Tarma so I’m going to just quote her directly.

Right now, what is scheduled in November, for Hufflepuff, where all Houses may play, is the DoHGaS, aka Games Tent, where Diamonds may be earned and brains turned to mush. Inner Huffle things are happening in the Library, Graphics department and perhaps even in the KITCHEN! Food is very important to Badgers, you know.

There’s also Fantastic Beasts Trivia and maybe even something else planned!

Ravenclaw: November means Bronze and Blue Olympics (BBO) for Ravenclaw. Although nothing has been posted yet, a little eagle told me this year’s theme is Greek Mythology!

Slytherin: If you haven’t already, check out the fantastic Prisoner of Azkaban read-along; Arianna says snakes are going to spend November getting ready for Slythmas, which means it should be great!


Did you participate in Gryfftoberfest, Huffleween, or Slyth-o-ween? Stop by the HOLLERS Scrapbook and share your thoughts and experiences.

The following Quidditch matches are scheduled so come and watch in #quidditch and cheer in #grandstand for your favorites:

Ravenclaw vs Slytherin on Saturday 12th November at 9 PM HOL time
Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff on Saturday 19th November at 9 PM HOL time

Don’t forget about Unfogging the Quidditch Pitch - questions should be posted around 8th November. For each person who answers the questions, 10 beans will be added to the pot!

The NAPs Revival is gaining momentum and these weekly pickup games are open to members of all houses regardless of their Quidditch background. It is an opportunity to “meet new people, learn a little bit more about the game, and have some good, clean fun!” The next pickup is meeting in #quidditch on Sunday 6th November at 10 PM HOL time.

The Book Club is currently running Publishing Pursuits II, which started on 16th October and will be finishing on 30th November. It is open to all HOLers and there are no sign-ups involved, so you can jump in at any point in the activity. Beans will be awarded for participation, and you might even get a shiny award (The Published Page) for completing most of the tasks.

The Art Department is waiting for the go-ahead from the Head Office to start a project (or two) so be on the lookout for that to happen.

It’s never too early until Sunday 15th January to submit to SerpenTimes, the Slytherin House newspaper. This issue’s theme is Resolutions and there are lots of points to be earned!

Most classes are still open for sign-ups, so if you haven’t registered yet, check out the class list. Make sure you read the course outline before you sign up and don’t forget, you can sign up for a maximum of five classes.


It seems like everyone’s caught Fantastic Beasts fever and HOLLERS is no exception. We have an extraordinary event planned to celebrate the return to JKR’s Wizarding World! It is scheduled to begin shortly, there’s no sign-up required, and you can work at your own pace.

Don’t forget to check out the latest Discussions, Creative Outlet, and Scrapbook submissions – there’s always something interesting going on!

And as always, be on the lookout for the November Challenges, which should be posted shortly.

We hope you're having a great term! :D
A "Cassie Sig" is priceless - thank you so much!

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