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October Newsletter

Postby Arianna Stonewater » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:20 pm

Because my schedule tomorrow is so busy, you get October's Newsletter a few hours early!!

At the start of Autumn Term, Hufflepuff is in the lead for the House Cup. Ravenclaw is in second, with Slytherin in third and Gryffindor trailing in fourth.

HOL News
Thanks to the EXCEPTIONAL DARIO, the HOL main page has been fixed! You can now add friends, send beans, feed/pet pets, etc without any problem. Thanks Dario!!!

Classes are still open! Remember, you can sign up for as many as FIVE classes! Shoot for the stars, some points are always better than none. You can sign up for classes here

If you haven't seen already, the greenhouses are open! This is a great way to work on your green thumb and you can sell your plants in the thrift shop for some beans!

Three new HOLLERS Challenges are coming up this week, and don't forget about our Scrapbook/Creative Outlet sections

New Quidditch Bot! If you want to hone your trivia skills for quidditch, head on over to #quidpractice and work on your high score!

The HOL Book Club is a great place to discuss the HP books as well as any other literary works! They are running a Publishing Pursuits II 16 October to 20 November! Check out this great review from Prof. Opal on the Cursed Child Script:

A Review of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

A play cannot really be appreciated unless seen on stage, so right away a good deal of mental vision is required to "set the stage" in the reader's mind when reading a play, rather than viewing it. It can still be wonderful, of course! Rowling's play falls a bit short of wonderful when read, but certainly has suspense and action. Albus Potter, son of Harry and Ginny Potter, is filled with teenage angst (and this may be the main audience for this book, even though adults will learn something --perhaps the two groups are meant to learn together).
He defies his father and sets out with buddy Scorpius Malfoy to "resurrect" Cedric Diggory. Of course, this is not at all a good idea. The trials and tribulations of the characters as they deal with alternate realities which result from the youngsters' actions (aided by a witch known as Delphi), constitute the plot.

The play is scary in parts and thoughtful in parts, but I did not think the parts always meshed well, or that Albus' angst was entirely explained or justified. There are many cursed children in this book, and the adults do not escape unscathed either. In fact, I alternated between being frustrated with characters who did not seem to see the obvious and feeling sorry for the same characters for their emotional sufferings. Once again, though, JKR (and collaborators) have created literature which will appeal to and nurture a multi-level audience (age, intellectual ability, etc.), and it is a very good read! Happy Reading! Prof. Opal Dragonfly

If you're looking for a good way to earn some points and get involved at HOL:

Gryffindor will be celebrating Gryfftoberfest (the first event for Gryffindors only, but the rest is open to ALL!) where there will be raffles and various contests! The Pawprint (more info here) is looking for submissions for their next issue. Submit to thegryffpawprint@gmail.com by October 9, 2016

Hufflepuff is celebrating Huffleween and some new activities in the Graphics Club (both Badgers only) but they'll have new challenges to earn Diamonds that are open to everyone!The Wizarding Times (more info here)
submit to wizardingtimes@gmail.com by Oct. 23rd

Ravenclaw's Hogwarts Magical Pride Month is running through October 3rd (this looks to be an Eagles-only event). They will be having a Fantastic Beasts activity starting up soon! The current Drabble Babble Challenge ends TODAY Sept. 30, so get those last minute submissions in and be on the lookout for the next theme here. Any other Alte Sententiam contributions are also due Sept. 30, so send them to alte.sententiam@gmail.com and be on the lookout for their next issue, including stories for the ongoing BINGO Challenge (which you can work on!).

Slytherin is gearing up for Slyth-o-ween soon (Open to all!!) and we're well on our way through Prizoner of Azkaban this month in the Harry Potter Read-Along. The trivia is now daily instead of all at once so make sure you check it out while working on the other tasks, and don't forget about the discussions! The next Serpentimes theme is Curses (more info here) submit to serpentimes.hol@gmail.com by Oct. 15th.

Be on the lookout for these and EVEN MORE events coming up. Happy October!!

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