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April Newsletter

Postby Leonie Hauri » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:09 pm

Happy April Fools Day! Make sure you wore your shoes without laces today (no "Your shoes are untied!" for me!) and maybe dwell a little bit on Fred and George Weasley since it's their birthday today. While you're at it, check out all the great stuff we've got going on this month (this is no joke).


For the House Cup, Slytherin is still in the lead, while Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are still fighting back and forth for second place. Gryffindor is further behind but not far enough to be completely out of the competition!


The Dark Prince of Potions activity has ended but we will always remember Alan Rickman. Have you picked up your awards yet?

Don't forget to earn Hoots by participating in the monthly challenges! This month we have some particularly exciting puzzles (you've heard of a word search, and a maze, but have you ever heard of a word search maze?).

HOL News

Globe Blitz is underway! Sign-ups are closed, but if you are participating, don't forget to complete your Portkey puzzles (Or you can let Team Fen & Glen win). A Portkey will be released every Monday lasting throughout the month.

Want to help Flourish and Blotts set up a publishing company? All Publishing Pursuits tasks are due on April 10th!


Slytherin will take on Hufflepuff on April 16th. Make sure to cheer your team on!

Meanwhile, on April 23rd, Ravenclaw will play Gryffindor. Once again, team spirit is greatly appreciated (unless you're a Gryffindor, of course :D ).

Ravenclaw News

Ravenclaw Pride Month is almost to an end, but for those that made it to Jedi status, week four puzzles should be posted soon! They need to be solved by April 3rd.

The Eagle Awards have been posted! Thanks to everyone for sending in nominations and congratulations to everyone who won an award! Why don't you check them out today?

Slytherin News

Have you checked out the latest Serpentimes? We've got new articles and puzzles to be solved for beans!

If you haven't completed an activity from the Slytherin Stroll, you can still earn half the scales if you do the activity by April 2nd!

Hufflepuff News

I don't know what the whole March Madness thing was about last month, but maybe this month we'll have an activity that non-Hufflepuffs can participate in (hint, hint).

Don't forget to earn diamonds by solving the monthly challenges posted in the Department of Hufflepuff Games and Sports section!

Gryffindor News

Submissions for the latest Paw Print are closed, so we should be expecting a new edition soon!
The Eagles are coming!
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