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April Newsletter

Postby Maxim Trevelyan » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:33 pm

Happy April! I hope you have survived April's Fools Day without any long-lasting effects. We are on our third month of second term and race for points is as fierce as ever! Leading is Ravenclaw with 31258 points, Hufflepuff coming in second with 27771 points, followed closely by Slytherin with 27568 points and Gryffindor at the rear with 16917 points. There is still a long way to go, so those places can change any time.

HOL News

Classes are still open for signup! You can sign up for maximum of five classes, so choose carefully.

Quidditch is as popular as ever with two matches and pickups happening this month. On April 8th, Gryffindor will try their brooms against Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff versus Slytherin teams facing off on April 22nd.

Next pickup, hosted by Will Lestrange, is scheduled for April 5th, 3:30 AM HOL time. All houses and players are welcome, regardless if you ever played Quidditch or not. There is always fun to be had!

The Book Club is planning something exciting which is going to happen in May, but it will be announced in April, with pursuant sign-ups for those who will be doing the something exciting in May. Beginning of April also signalizes the finish of the Harry Potter Book Festival (HPBF) and the discussion of The Hunger Games. However, fret not, Book Club will start reading a new book - Inkheart.

HOLLERS started the month with a bang, new challenges already being posted. There are still more to come, so keep an eye out on Challenges and Creative Outlet areas.

House News

Gryffindor still has trouble with nifflers, so their common room is not fully available yet. Let us make sure that our lions feel welcome in other Houses!

Hufflepuff continues to offer all HOLers little (and often frustrating) challenges in DoHGaS. One 2048 is already up and ready for people to cheer or despair over it. Room decorating committee made a comeback, to do check out the Sett and leave your own mark in an unsuspecting badger's room.

In April, Ravenclaw is finishing up with its Pride Month, with another great activity (M&M) starting shortly. It sounds delicious!

Revelio is slowly dwindling down in Slytherin, but you can always grab up the last available cards. Be careful not to step on their pet lethifold and basilisk, they can be very bite-y!
Thank you Dario!

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