March Newsletter


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March Newsletter

Postby Arianna Stonewater » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:24 pm

Welcome to March! We're one step closer to Spring! (Or fall, if you're in the southern hemisphere!)

One month into the spring term, Ravenclaw is in the lead for the House Cup. Hufflepuff is in second, with Slytherin in third and Gryffindor trailing in fourth.

HOL News
Classes are still open! Remember, you can sign up for as many as FIVE classes! Shoot for the stars, some points are always better than none. You can sign up for classes here

A great way to get into the spring spirit, is to visit the greenhouses! This is a great way to work on your green thumb and you can sell your plants in the thrift shop for some beans!

Three new HOLLERS Challenges are coming up this week, and don't forget about our other sections! Our new Hollers assistant Maxim is working on two great projects! In Creative Outlet section we have activities related to International Women's Day, Pi Day and St. Patrick's Day. Join in and get Hoots and beans! The Inspirational Categories is also accepting entries (writing or graphics). This is a chance to win some new shinies!!

Quidditch Pickups are still going on! If you want to hone your trivia skills for quidditch, or just learn the game, head on over to the Quidditch Pickups forum to find out when the next practice is!

The HOL Book Club is a great place to discuss the HP books as well as any other literary works! Through the end of the month they are continuing to run their Harry Potter Book Festival (weekly tasks with the chance to earn beans!) and they just started a Monthly Book Discussion Project; this month its The Hunger Games!

If you're looking for a good way to earn some points/beans and get involved at HOL:

Gryffindor's common room is still working out some issues with the server. <_< Make sure to invite the lions into your common room so they aren't bored just wandering the halls!

Hufflepuff's Games Tent will soon have new challenges to earn Diamonds that are open to everyone!

Ravenclaw has finished their Quidditch Training Camp, just in time for Ravenclaw Pride Month, which brings lots of activities to their roost! Alte Sententiam contributions are March 31, so send them to, previous issues can be viewed here. Don't forget their Debate Club is open to every house, and you can earn beans!

Slytherin Dungeons have been redesigned! Some permissions may have fallen through the cracks, so if you can't see something you normally have access to, let them know! They are finishing up their last round of Revelio. The next Serpentimes theme is Luck (more info here) submit to by March 15.

Be on the lookout for these and EVEN MORE events coming up. Happy March!!

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